PYD: 500 Civilians Abducted in Aleppo Countryside

PYD claims more than 500 Kurdish civilians were abducted in the countryside of Aleppo. – PYD @pydinfo  – Armed groups are attacking Kurdish villages around Aleppo. 1500 civilians have fled, 500 have been detained. #TwitterKurds #Syria #Rojava

Nusra Commander on Fighting With YPG in al-Yaroubia

One of Jabhet al-Nusra commander speak out about their experience with PKK in al-Yaroubia. He said they suffered hard time because of ‘PKK’ snipers. Until 100 fighters decided to advance with help of a tank (regardless of the casualties). After that they managed to take three posts.

FSA Removes Jabhat al-Akrad From Council

FB page of FSA’s Military Council in Aleppo says they are not against Kurds and only against the PKK. The council has made the decision to remove Jabhat al-Akrad as a member of the council. –  Posted all by Wladimir van Wilgenburg