Dozens of Kurdish activists arrested in Iran

Iranian security forces have arrested 150 young Kurdish activists in Sanadaj (sina), the Kurdish Region of Iran. The activists assembled to prepare to commemorate the International Women’s Day in the city of Sanandaj. The security forces randomly arrested the activists and put them in jail without announcing any clarification to their families. Relatives of the arrestees gathered in front of the city’s jail to protest the security forces’ human right violations and asked the officials to release them. – Source: Kurdpa

Thousands of new Peshmargas not paid yet

Prior to Kurdistan Parliamentary Election in September 21, 2013 both ruling parties in Kurdistan, the PUK and KDP, recruited 8000 new members to the Pehsmarga forces (Kurdish army) based on their political affiliations. Sources from the Ministry of Peshmarga stated a majority of the new recruits have not officially joined their divisions yet; however their names have been submitted to the ministry of finance for then to get paid. The sources has said that new members of Peshmarga forces haven’t had their monthly payment even though their names have been added to public employment payment system. – Source: Lvinpress

No popular support for Barzani’s stance against Baghdad

Masoud Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Region, has warned Baghdad over the financial crisis and stated that the continuous pressure may lead to “unexpected” response from Kurds. But It seems that the other major political parties in Kurdistan are not in agreement with Barzani.  Muhammed Haji, Gorran Leader in Erbil, has said that Gorran is not aware of Barzani’s plan toward Baghdad and his party can’t support anything randomly without the participation of all parties; hence Gorran’s opinion over the Baghdad-Erbil crisis is clearly that it should be solved through dialogue. On the other hand, the PUK, Barzani’s “strategic” partner, did not show their support to Barzani’s message to Baghdad. The PUK leaders have said that they support any idea in favor of interests of Kurdistan, but such decisions need general consensus among all Kurdish political parties. – Source: Rudaw TV, Sbeiy

Erbil: Security forces threaten to kill a journalist

Security Forces (Asaish) in Erbil threatened to kill a journalist while he was conducting news coverage. NRT TV Correspondent, Farman Muhammed, has said that he was trying to cover a story that security forces at the Kasnazan Checkpoint, Erbil, had shot an individual due to his driving at high speed  through the checkpoint. Farman said that a member of security forces attacked him and threatened him to shot him if he did not leave the area.

Kurdish media: ‘Malki has released the KRG budget for February’

PUK: ‘Maliki has agreed to send the KRG its share based on the PUK’s request’ – KRG spokesman: ‘It was under the pressure of the KRG’

After suspending the KRG’s share of the Iraqi national budget for two months, Iraqi Prime Minister  Nouri Al Malki has sent the money for the month of February. The PUK media has announced that PM Malki agreed to send the money based on the PUK leaders’ request in a meeting with him. In a response, KRG’s spokesman, Safeen Dzaiyee, has said that the money has sent under the influence of the KRG, not a political party. Dzaiyee said that KRG has not used its pressure cards against Baghdad so far, but it may do so if the pressure from Baghdad continues. –  Briefing prepared by KT editorial team (Kurdistan Tribune)