Kandil 3.7.2013 –  The AKP government is continuing its intimidation policies by showering bullets on the people, on the one hand, and is making very inaccurate statements in order to manipulate the public opinion, on the other hand. These statements are aimed at suppressing and eliminating the legitimacy of those reactions developed against the building of military posts, a practice contrary to the spirit of the settlement process.

       Our people developed their fair-democratic-legitimate reactions against construction of new military posts Lice sity. But the AKP government killed Medeni Yildirim and injured many patriot people. This conduct shows the extent to which the AKP government is insisting on the colonialist mentality. Government officials and the Governor of Diyarbakir claimed that “The PKK has provoked this events because they have suffered financial loss from our anti-narcotic operations in the region”. These statement are nothing but distortion and lies and at the same time attempts to find excuses for the colonialist conduct of the AKP government. These statements are far from being persuasive as they are mere political immorality. In Turkey, like everywhere in the world, dirty works like heroin, hashish, etc are directly or indirectly overlooked or done with the conniving collaboration of the state. It is known to both local and foreign public opinion that a number of Turkish officials and some units of the Turkish state have cooperated with such dirty works within the last 30 years of war. Nevertheless, the Turkish state, resorting to lies and willful distortions, has intended to identify the Kurdish movement with drug trafficking, as a way of psychological war, in order to cover up its crimes. The governor of Diyarbakir has reiterated it for the last time. We call on the AKP government and the governor of Diyarbakir to prove their allegations.

        The PKK, is financing itself with the labour and elbow grease of our people. It has never tried to obtain sinful, unlawful, and inequitable profits and incomes, as it has never been involved in drug trafficking.  All the cadres and activists of the PKK are living a modest life.  The PKK struggle is at the same time a struggle against these kinds of circles pursuing unfair and dirty profits. This fact is known by our people and the public opinion and it necessary for them to be aware against these dirty propaganda and slanderous activities and develop their legitimate and fair reactions against them.