KCK Info-  19.6.2013 – The dialogue for the democratic solution process initiated by Leader Apo in Imrali has come to an important and critical point. At this point, which at the same time is the second stage of the process, the inclusion of a platform representing the Kurdish People into the process is of high importance. In such a historical phase, the gathering of “the Conference on Unity and Solution in North Kurdistan” is a significant development.

Especially, held by the participation of the representatives from all political circles, religious groups, civil society organizations and other people living in Kurdistan, this national-democratic conference, will assume the role of a democratic legislative body and, thereby, make a very important contribution in clarifying the perspective of the Kurdish People with regard to the democratic solution process. It is important for the Conference to present and declare its project with regard to the democratic solution process addressing such topics as “what kind of solution does the Kurdish side want, what are their goals, and what kind of changes do they want at the constitutional level?”. As a democratic solution conference, it can make important contributions by doing all it can till the end of the process, holding interim sessions handling the developments related to the process, and determining the responsibilities of the Kurdish side and the Turkish state side. We believe that such a conference will play an important role in the unity of our people, and wish success for the “the Conference on Unity and Solution in North Kurdistan”.

     Despite the fact that the Kurdish side, showing great affiliation and self-sacrifice, has fulfilled all its responsibilities for the success of the Democratic Solution Process, it’s quite clear that the Turkish side has not fulfilled its responsibilities.  Along with many practices running counter the spirit of the process, the last court decision on the Roboski Massacre is a clear indication of this approach. Despite the fact that all available data clearly point out that  Roboski has been a deliberate massacre, Diyarbakir’s Republic  Attorney General’s  declaring the case as beyond its area of jurisdiction, and transferring it to the military attorney on the ground of “negligently causing death” shows but an attempt to cover the massacre. It aims at hiding those responsible for the massacre and preventing them from being held accountable for the crime. It is impossible for the Kurdish People to accept this injustice. We regard the attorney general’s decision as a result of the AKP government’s trivial approach to the process which has not taken any serious step despite all the self-sacrificing attempts on the part of our Leader, Movement and people.

     Today, the social reaction and struggle which has developed around the Gezi Park Resistance has reached an important level. The 18-day long resistance of the people and democratic forces has gained victory and brought about significant consequences, as a result of giving martyrs and having so much people wounded. As a starting point to a new era, this resistance is a very valuable progress in the Turkish history of democracy. This democratic reaction and emergence manifested against the monist, authoritarian, oppressive, and self-centered practices of the AKP government and its intervention in people’s social life shows how the Turkish youth and the Turkish society will head towards the future. This is a positive and important situation. The Kurdish People’s tradition of struggle, their active participation and the new process initiated by leader Apo have a great role in these developments.  As for the future, the important thing is to lead the level of this social struggle to new phases and on the basis of common struggle, enhance the performance of democratization attempts of Kurdish Liberation Movement and Turkish democratic circles.

    In West Kurdistan, the Kurdish People’s revolutionary campaign has brought about significant gains. Those circles who are intolerable against this success of the people and their gains, are making dirty tricks and alliances and carrying out attacks at different levels. Especially, as some armed groups defining themselves as Free Syrian Army are attacking the Kurdish regions and trying to besiege the Afrin region, coincidentally, the Turkish Army’s offensive on the Mele Xelil village in Cindirêsê region is a very precarious move. It is quite clear that, the Turkish government has not given up its policy of attacking the gains and advantages of the People of West Kurdistan. But, decisiveness, bravery and resistance the YPG forces showed in defending themselves against the dirty tricks and conspiracies do have a historical significance. The resistance of the Afrin people against the attacks is a valuable stand full of humanity and dignity. Everybody should know that the people of Afrin are not alone. It is the most basic patriotic and humane duty for all the people in Kurdistan to show solidarity with the heroic  resistance of the people in Afrin.    

     While the patriot Kurdish People in Afrin are showing a historical resistance against all kinds of embargo, oppression and siege, the Federal Government of South Kurdistan’s blocking the border with a peshmerge force of about 3000 is quite incompatible with patriotism and Kurdish values. At a time when our people in West Kurdistan are resisting against all kinds of attacks despite the difficult conditions there, the Federal Government in South Kurdistan is resorting to such measures in order to put restraint on the Rojava (West Kurdistan) people and thereby, put control  on them. As KCK, we call on the South Kurdistan Government not to aid the planned embargo on Rojava, re-open the border, and show solidarity with the heroic resistance of Rojava people against the attacks.