30.6.2013 – KCK Info –   We, as Kurdistan Freedom Movement and Kurdish People, have been exhibiting all self-sacrifices and attempts for the settlement of the Kurdish question within the framework of Democratic Solution Process initiated by Leader APO. By setting free the Turkish government’s employees followed by the cease-fire and finally the withdrawal of our guerrilla forces from North Kurdistan, we have moved most appropriately with the spirit of the time and shown the Kurdish People’s peaceful countenance to the world.

      While we are fulfilling all our duties for the process to advance on a right basis, the Turkish government and state are unfortunately falling short of doing their own responsibilities. Although the annihilation-aimed operations have been stopped, building up new military posts, constructing dams, carrying out espionage activities and oppressing people’s movements are increasingly continuing.

      All these practices raise many questions in the memory of our people on the one hand, and give opportunities to circles opposing the process to raise obstacle in the way of solution, on the other hand. The AKP government’s not taking any steps towards settlement gives new chances to those who want to upset the process. So, they are even attacking one of the most democratic rights of the people, that is, demonstrations, conduct midnight shootings at the houses and villages and young people are martyred in any parts of the country.

     While the social traces of the counter-guerrilla units’ attack on the Kanoğlu village were still new, yesterday the Turkish soldiers opened fire bloodthirstily on the Kayacik villagers in Lice, peacefully protesting the building of new military posts and killed a Kurdish youth “Medeni Yildirim”; in this way they showed their real intentions more clearly. Every step taken towards the peoples’ brotherhood is responded by annihilating the natural environment of Kurdistan, imprisoning Kurdish politicians and Kurdish patriots defending their honors, and killing those “Medeni”s  who cry out “Êdî Bes e” (Enough is enough)  against these practices.

      Medeni Yildirim, born in the early 1990’s, the years of most intense fighting in Kurdistan,  said farewell to life, not seeing peace and peoples’ brotherhood on the lands he was born. We remember with respect Medeni Yildirim, the first Martyr of “The campaign for Democratic Liberation and Establishment of Free Life” and promise to live his memory by leading to success the Kurdish People’s Liberation and freedom struggle. Our condolences go to his respectful family as we desire recovery earnestly for all the patriots injured in the same attack. We call on all the Kurdistan people to voice their protests against these savage massacre and attacks, keep alive the memory of Medeni Yildirim and show their democratic reactions.

     As one of the 4 conference proposed by leader Apo and at the same time part of “ the Campaign for Democratic Liberation and Establishment of Free Life” The Peace and Democracy Conference in Europe, commenced today, is a very valuable attempt which will play an important role in the democratization of Turkey and the solution of the Kurdish Question. At a time when globalism has reached its peak, it is quite clear that the democratization process in Turkey is a matter related to the international developments. Therefore, the democratization of Turkey and the settlement of the Kurdish question is not a matter to be succeeded only by conducting a struggle within the borders of Turkey.  So, the peace and democratic solution process needs support from abroad.  We salute and wish success for this significant platform made by the gathering and cooperation of patriot Kurdish people living abroad, the revolutionary-democratic circles in Turkey and the foreign friends. 

     The 29th and 30th of June, each of them important days in the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people, are important pages of our people’s history. We remember with respect Sheikh Sait and 46 of his comrades on the 88th anniversary of their execution. He was the leader of  Kurdish people’s first uprising against the injustice inflicted upon them after the founding of Turkish Republic, a foundation materialized  through the common endeavor of the Anatolian and Kurdistan peoples.  We promise to keep alive their memories by leading to victory the rightful freedom cause they started.   

      The APOist movement has again sprouted the great freedom cause of Sheikh Sait and his comrades, who fought for their honour against denial and colonialism and were executed on the 29th of June 1925. This movement has, by creating historical personalities, made the Kurdistan people’s and humanities’ freedom hopes come true. The hero Kurdish girl Zilan (Zeyneb Kinaci) has, by carrying out a self-sacrifice action in Dersim on the 30th of June 1996, been the address for resolute marching, great thinking, free life and its action.  Comrade Zilan, who spearheaded the women’s and Kurdish people’s freedom struggle by putting her devotion to Leader Apo self-sacrificingly,  has responded to the question of “How to Live” by arousing her spirit, her body and every cells of her body.  Zilan who wrote a manifeso by saying “I would have whole-heartedly sacrificed if I had had something other than my life”, had by carrying out this self-sacrificing action opened a new page in military tactics. As her command soldiers, we again remember with gratitude our great commander Zilan and all those self-sacrificing comrades achieving martyrdom as her consecutives , and promise to lead to victory our people’s freedom struggle by pursuing infallibly their self-sacrificing line of struggle.