24.03.2013 –  KCK Info – The historic tragedy and resistance process, experienced by the Kurds who are one of the most ancient people of the Middle East, absolutely requires a democratic solution in this century.  A people, with a population of forty million, faced policies of oppression, denial, genocides, aggravated assimilation and destruction to date.

This has been a shame of the whole humanity. It is time to end all these aggravated historical injustices. It is needed for spirit of the time, history and rising human values.    

The Kurdish culture and color also take their place in the mosaic of the Middle East but unfortunately there always has been an attempt to destroy and stamp them out throughout the history. However, it should be noted that any color, language, and culture lost is not just the loss of the people who are suffering, it also leads to the poverty and infertility for all humanity.  

We are in a period that we should update the common historical background of peoples and consider it as the strongest resource in order to create a new future, a new Middle East and a new Turkey. We are in a critical point that we should use the time efficiently for the urgent solution of Kurdish question and the democratization of Turkey. This is an order of the history both for the Kurds and the other people who share co-exist with them.

Everyone who follows the issue and developments knows that the Leader of Kurdish people, President Öcalan, has been seriously seeking for a democratic and peaceful way to solve the Kurdish question since 1993. President Öcalan has taken steps to develop the will of the parties to the problem by declaring unilateral ceasefires. However all these diligences for peace remained inconclusive and faced with obstacles and plots.  All the peaceful solution negotiations started with ex- president Mr Turgut Özal and lasted with the prime ministers of the time Erbakan and Ecevit were cut off before we could get a result. However despite all this, our leader Öcalan insisted about the peace process and tried to open a way during the government of AKP too.   

The Oslo process also came on the agenda as a continuation of the policy carried out by our president since 1993 and as part of the democratic solution strategy. Unfortunately all these right-minded and decisive steps could not turn into concrete steps and a deadlock developed. Thus this meant the start of an intense struggle. Especially after the July 2011 the methods that were already used in the past were tried yet again.  The Turkish government wanted to attain results via its violent policies and its ‘integration strategy’ which corresponded to comprehensive political and military operations. Against those operations, our people and movement generated important developments by raising a decisive  struggle of resistance. Kurdish people invalidated the policies of surrender and elimination on the basis of Revolutionary People’s War once again and showed that their problem can not be solved through violence. So the democratic solution became the main point of the agenda again.  

In spite of all difficult conditions, our leader endeavors to remove both Kurds and the other people in Turkey from this vortex of violence in accordance with the democratic solution strategy to fulfill his responsibility towards history. Therefore, our leader took a brand new historic step to respond to the requirements of the historical process in our region. 

Pursuant to his historical mission and responsibility, our leader restarted the negotiations with the Turkish state authorities. This attitude of our leader that has reflected itself on the public indicates that he is the right address to solve the question as he represents his people. The BDP delegation visited our leader, and  brought a message from Imrali. Our movement has received the draft solution project sent by President Öcalan. We evaluated these drafts with the utmost care and seriousness and the decision-making parts of our movement has sent our response to our president. 

On 21st March, at Newroz celebrations President Apo declared his perspective of solution with a message in Amed (Diyarbakır). By this message he enabled all peoples, the democratic public and all other parties to this question to take part in this process and lay claim to it. This call of our leader Öcalan is quite profound. It forms the base and perspective of the solution, indicates the historical and philosophical basis and establishes a link with the present day. This call is a historical democratization move and statement of a resolution. Just as some agreements, declarations in favor of freedom and reforms were declared to change the history of humanity; this call was announced to build a future full of peace, liberty, and prosperity and confidence for all and in co-existence.

As it has been expressed in the declaration, in order to rebuild the law based on freedom, equality, common life and amity our leader called Kurds, the parties and everyone else to work together. The free and democratic societies have self-confidence, they take steps towards the future in confidence, they are productive and creative. Unfortunately the societies, have been alienated to each other with fears and pressures and they have taken positions against each other. So this is a great move to get this  cultural colors, diversity and different identities out of the  conflicting ambiance and save them from the dominant-slave, oppressor-oppressed relationship. The ones who create their existence on lowliness, nullity, anomie,denial and destruction of the other identities cannot be healthy individuals and create a healthy society, nor a nation and values for humanity. So this call is an invitation to return to human values and truth of the peaceful societies by being freeing ourselves from all fears. It is a call for construction of a democratic free unity, and a Democratic Peoples Republic. It is a call for women and youth to take responsibility for the establishment of a brand new life.

Our Leadership`s call at Newroz in Amed is to change the course of history. As the Kurdish Freedom Movement, we fully accept the call which directly represents our responsibilities and obligations, and publicly declare that we will satisfy the requirements.

As the movement, we are at the most powerful time of our history of struggle. Our Movement based on years of experience of cadres and level of competence refers to war and resistance as well as a just peace. 

Our movement’s perspective on the amity and equality of peoples and the mental set of the democratic solution, and our leader’s call and strategic expansion has strengthened the approach for a democratic solution. For this reason, we will participate with all our strength for 2013 Newroz to be, just like in history, in accordance with its mission and be a new milestone. We want to emphasize that we, with having great confidence in our leader, in our people’s democratic consciousness, in the tradition of resistance and in our 40 years of struggle heritage, with the mindset of the paradigm of democratic modernity and with an eternal belief in democracy, freedom, peace and with our commitment to peoples common life, will realize the Call for Peace and Democratic Solution into practice with great determination.

This call, starts a new era for the solution of the problems through politics rather than violence, refers to a lasting-democratic solution strategy to the Kurdish question. This solution and the peace plan, no doubt gives responsibilities to all parties at all stages.

In order to ensure participation of all parts of the society to contribute to the solution in a comfortable environment, to express ideas freely without any suppression of discussions, for the efforts of solution to be conducted in safety and for the dialogues and negotiations to be developed in a healthy way it is clear that the first priority is to create a no-clashes environment. Today (March 23), we openly declare that a ceasefire will be valid and no guerrilla forces will use any weapons as long as there are no attacks carried out against them. When the attacks aim destruction of the guerrilla, they will use the right to self-defense and will have the right to retaliate against such attacks.

On the basis of past experience of declared cease-fires, all steps need to be taken immediately and without any delay. To get the necessary infrastructure ready for withdrawal, the creation of legal decision-making and monitoring commissions are required and it is necessary that conditions of the season become suitable.  When the government and the Parliament realize their part on this issue as soon as possible then it would be possible to completely implement President Apo’s call completely. For a complete success of the process and its acceleration, leader Apo`s conditions must be made suitable and the conditions for dialogue must be created. If so, the process shall then indisputably continue to develop.

No doubt, the development of a language representing the spirit of the process is also of great importance. The language of the war era that offends and deepens the confrontation should be replaced by the use of a constructive, and inclusive language that focuses its attention on democratic solution and creating a language of trust. This is important for the positive advancement of the process and for the acceptance of the community. This has not yet been achieved to the desired level.

For the realization of a deep rooted solution plan to be implemented step by step it is not only important that as much as us the government too implements what is expected of it especially on the legal and constitutional plane but it is also important that, the neutral and the legitimate civil society, institutions, and groups also play their role.

On this subject, it is also a necessity that the international forces and all democratic institutions provide support for the peaceful resolution and facilitate the solution. For the development of peace and stability in our region, regional and international forces should avoid being an obstacle before the will to resolve the issue, and our request from them is to approach in a right way and give their support.

The call of our leader was made directly from the Newroz area to the world public, to Turkey and all the Kurdish people. This call has imposed a great responsibility to our devoted people whom have suffered deeply. At Newroz celebrations Kurdish people, its friends and anyone wanting a solution declared a major commitment with great excitement, enthusiasm, morale and faith.

As our leader stated the Kurdish people paid a heavy price to earn her identity. Now it is time to win the democratic liberation struggle. This new period of struggle has increased not only ours tasks but that of our people and everyone else. 

We strongly believe that our people in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad, being a witness and a subject of this historical process, with no complacency will follow the process with great care, will strongly continue with democratic struggle for the realization of the democratic solution project and will work with a high conduct of discipline in the spirit of awareness and unity.

On this basis, we celebrate our people’s freedom of Newroz, Contemporary Kawa’s day of resistance, the peoples’ spring festival and wish you outstanding achievements in this new historical period.