TO OUR PEOPLE AND PUBLIC : The Presidency of the KCK Executive Council

24.07.2012 –  There are significant developments in our region. In this context, the escalating tension in Syria reveals the seriousness of the situation. In these critical periods, where the internal conflicts in Syria have giving signals towards a regional war, the will and struggle to be showed by the people who formes the society of Syria, will play a crucial role. The struggle for democracy of the Kurdish people in Syria, which has an important place in the legitimate struggle for freedom against all forms of violence as a political struggle and based on the strength of its own progress, has acquired a significant level.

Our people in Western Kurdistan has been giving a struggle, where paid a considerable costs for the elimination of colonialism and of negation, the recognition of natural national rights of the Kurdish people and, all the people living in Syria on the basis of the Free Democratic Unity. This struggle, especially in the conditions raised by the developments that have taken place since early 2011, found an opportunity to continue to gain a strength. As we see that in this part, the politics of the Kurds taken a lesson from the history and, assesed the developments in most accurate way and put forward a project of a solution both for the Kurdish problem and democratization of Syria, follow a policy line in accordance with this project and taken right steps in this line.

At this stage, the creation of a unity among all Kurdish organizations and formation of a senior delegation as representative of this unity to be act on behalf of all Syrian Kurds are important and valuable decision to be taken. From now on, it will be analytical for all the developments to be directed under the responsibility of this Senior Delegation representing all segments of the Kurdish People in Syria.

We, as a movement, do not want any party and/or organisation to be responsible from the developments alone; we think that the creation of a system under the the Kurdish High Council, which represents the joint national will, will be apropriate and, we support the freedom struggle of our people in this part based on the realization of this system. We call upon all our people in West Kurdistan to unite and clamped themselves around this unity. Again, we call upon all section and circles, who favors democratic unity of Syria and freedoms of people, to respect and recognize the national will created by the Kurdish people in this part.

The programs of all the Kurdish parties in Syria do not have any aim and/or goal to unite with any other parts, and/or to separate from. The Kurdish people here, demands to take their natural rights within a framework of a democratic unity of Syria. Under all circumstances, the Kurdish people have advocated the establishment of democratic, equal and free life together with the people that they live together of those; Arab, Druze, Assyrian, Armenian and Alevis and all those who have different beliefs. The Kurdish political representatives have always stated their goal as to reach to their freedoms within the frame of People’s Freedom and Democratic union of Syria, and emphasized that this approach is a stratejic one.

In spite of this reality, distortion and hostility shown by the Turkish press and various political circles against the struggle of the Kurdish people to reach to their rights, is a result of a conditioned to be an enemy against the Kurdish people. To create doubt and ambiguity on the will of our people in Syria on the allegations made are poorly designed and intended. There is no military and political cadres of our movement present in Syria. Those who see the achievement of national unity and guaranteeing the rights of Kurds as a danger, are the ones with a hegemonic mentality who hopes to benefit from ethnic and sectarian conflicts, the civil war and division of Syria. Those who behaves agitatedly against the joint will of the Kurdish People which forming their own managements in some of the cities and towns that they live in, while everyone seizing power of the city and towns where they live step by step, are the circles who afraid from people to be free. If the society of Syria reach to their freedoms, of course, the Kurds in Syria will be reach to their freedoms as well. There is nothing more natural than this. After all, the appropriate thing to do is to respect the free will of the Kurdish community and all other people living in Syria.

We, as a movement, state that we are behind the unity created by our people in this part and support the struggle of the Kurdish people to reach their rights within the frame of unity, integrity and democratic free life in Syria.

We view as a historical responsibility of those democratic circles, esspecialy all those parts of Kurdistan, to give necessary solidarity to be able to develop and support the brotherhood of people, peace, equal and free future in the Middle-East.