TIMELINE: What Happened in Dicle University?

TIMELINE: What Happened in Dicle University?

BIANET 13.4.2013 – Departing from the recent coverage appeared on bianet, we compiled a timeline in English on the recent clashes between Dicle University and outsider groups that left many students wounded and caused a three day shut-down of education on campus.

April 8

* According to yuksekovahaber, a local website, a tension between Dicle University students and a group of outsiders who came to campus to publish a poster on Prophet Mohammed’s Birth Week activities quickly turned into a full-blown fight. Police interrupted clashing groups with tear gas.

* Another group of 25 outsiders reportedly shouted slogans condemning PKK and attacked university students on Dicle University campus. The group members were linked with Hezbollah organization and police failed to make an adequate intervention, rumors said.

* Attacks from outsiders carrying sticks and clubs intensified in university’s education faculty, leaving many students wounded.

 April 9

* In the early morning, police casted tear gas bombs and used water canons at a group of Dicle University students who wanted to make a public statement condemning the incident on campus.

* S.T., a Dicle University student who did not disclose his name for security reasons, told bianet about the recent clashes on campus. He denied the allegations that clashes broke out due to a poster on Prophet Mohammed’s Birth Week.

April 10

* Clashes between university students and outsiders continued in full swing. A group of roughly 35 people loaded with knives and metal bars reportedly attacked students on campus, leaving 6 students hospitalized.

* Police brutally intervened the clashes with tear gas and clubs, detaining many students. Police chose not to intervene a violent group who were waiting outside the hospital.

* Dicle University administration declared a three day break (between April 10-13) to classes after the recent attacks that left reportedly 6 students wounded for the past three days.

* Ayşegül Jale Saraç, Dicle University President, held a press conference, naming the recent clashes as a provocation to the ongoing peace process in Turkey.

April 11

* Several universities across the country protested against attacks on students and police violence including METU, Akdeniz, Ege, Tunceli, Istanbul and Dokuz Eylül Universities. While police intervened the protests in METU, many students were reportedly attacked by a group called “Muslim Youth” over a poster that showed solidarity with Dicle University students.

* NGOs and political entities protested the clashes. “Dicle University administration must find those responsible for attacking students on campus. They must account for their violent actions,” Selahattin Demirtaş, Peace and Democracy Party co-chairperson, said in a statement.

* Several NGO branches in Diyarbakır province including MAZLUMDER, Diyanet-Sen, Memur-Sen, Özgür-Der, bar association representatives, HÜDA-PAR, Anti-capitalist Muslims, Student Collectives and AYDER reacted to the recent violence on Dicle University campus. A statement condemning the violent attacks on Dicle University students said: “What has been happening in our city for the past 3 days is neither contributing to the culture of peaceful coexistence nor mutual responsibility and tolerance.” (BM)