The United Nations & the Kurds – Michael M. Gunter Tennessee Technological University – UKH Journal of Social Sciences – Erbil

MESOP NEWS ACADEMIC  LETTERS : By our friend Michael Gunter

Abstract – The letter provides a brief overview of the evolution of the United Nations’ treatment of the Kurdish question.  It traces the issue from Rizgari Kurd’s formal appeal to the UN General Assembly in 1946 for Kurdish self-determination to the UN disapproval of Iraqi Kurdistan’s referendum of independence. The paper points one more time to the fundamental inconsistency between the UN principles of self-determination and territorial integrity.

Michael M. Gunter is a Professor of Political Science at the Tennessee Technological University, USA. Gunter is an authority on Kurds in Turkey and Iraq and has written seven books on the Kurdish struggle. He is a board member of the Center for Eurasian Studies (AVIM).[1] Gunter earned his B.A. degree in American history in 1964 from Columbia University. He went on to receive his M.I.A. degree from Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs in 1966. In 1972, he received his Ph.D. degree in international relations from Kent State University.[2][4] He is frequently consulted by media members for analysis and comment on breaking news in the Middle East.[2] Gunter has written more than 75 articles in scholarly journals and books including Middle East JournalAmerican Journal of International Law and World Affairs. He has authored nine books about the Kurdish people of Turkey, northern Iraq, Syria and Iran, and two of those books were among the first analyses in English of the Kurdish unrest in the Middle East. In writing his analyses, Gunter has worked directly with top Kurdish and other Middle Eastern political leaders. He received the Kurdish Human Rights Watch’s “Service to the Kurds Award” in 1998.[3] Gunter’s analyses and writings sometimes strike readers as controversial, but he says his views are often based on information that hasn’t yet been made public.[3]

Published  2017-12-28 –  How to Cite  –  Gunter, M. (2017, December 28). The United Nations and the Kurds. UKH Journal of Social Sciences, 1(1), 46-47.


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