“THE THIRD WAY” : Assad regime helps PYD against Kurdish opposition

BasNews (Erbil): 4-11-2013 – The Democratic Union Party (PYD) is taking control of Syrian Kurdistan, and is doing so through the support of President Bashar al-Assad, says Abdullah Muhtadi, secretary general of the Komala Party (Iranian Kurdish opposition party). “Through the Syrian regime’s support, the PYD has controlled the Kurdish areas and is not allowing other Kurds to join the revolution,” Muhtadi told Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jareeda.

Since the Syrian crisis began over two years ago, the PYD has taken control of the largely Kurdish areas in northern Syria, and has not allowed other Kurdish factions to interfere. There is speculation that the PYD has an agreement with the Assad regime, which allows them to have sole control over the Kurdish regions of Syria.

Muhtadi says the PYD will not succeed in its effort to crush other Kurdish groups and control Syrian Kurdistan because the Kurdish National Council (KNC) and the majority of the Kurds insist on fighting alongside the opposition, and continue their struggle against the Assad regime.

In reference to Iran, Muhtadi said: “We are not only against Iran’s interference in the Syrian crisis, we also call on Teheran to review its relations with its Arab neighbors”. He also said that Iran’s funding of terrorist groups, like Hezbollah, must stop.

Like Russia and Hezbollah, Iran is a strong ally of the Assad regime. Because of these ties, the Syrian opposition, some Arab states and the West have accused Iran of shipping arms and personnel to Syria. Ira refutes these allegations. Regarding Iranian internal issues, Muhtadi said that they boycotted the Iranian presidential elections on June 12th. “The elections were not fair, and the Iranian regime did not allow the oppositions to return to politics, and to run for presidential elections,” he said. Regarding Rouhani’s presidential win, Muhtadi said that Iran’s people were voting for change, and not necessarily for Rouhani himself.

“Although it is early to judge Rouhani, we need to be careful, because he has never taken a stance against the Iranian regime,” noted Muhtadi. He also pointed out that Iran’s new leader is very close to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. http://www.basnews.net/en/News/Details/Assad-regime-helps-PYD-against-Kurdish-opposition/5034