The SYRIAN Coalition Rejects Iran’s Participation in Geneva & Considers It an Occupier With Whom It Is Impossible to Negotiate


10.10.2013 – The Secretary- General of the Syrian National Coalition Badr al-Din Jamous, said in a statement to the Syrian National Coalition Media Office that he was surprised about the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s praising of what he described as Bashar al Assad’s facilitation of the work of the Committee for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in Syria.

Saying that ” summing up the Syrian Revolution with the chemical weapons issue is a disgrace to the international community”. He added that “the Syrian people are not killed only with chemical weapons, but Bashar al Assad uses all kinds of weapons for killing.”

 Jamous commented on the possibility of Iran’s participation in the Geneva Conference, “the matter is under discussion among members of the Political Committee of the Syrian National Coalition, which will be up for approval at their next meeting”.  In the same context, the Secretary – General of the Syrian National Coalition refused at a previous time “any kind of participation by Iran in Geneva or for Iran to  be a mediator in any negotiation,” adding, “If it wanted to participate , it should withdraw its Revolutionary Guard and other troops supporting Bashar al Assad’s regime in the killing of Syrians.” Iran rejected any Syrian or international conditions for their participation in the Geneva Conference. This comes in response to the U.S. proposal, which stipulates that Iran must comply with all the terms of the Geneva 1statement in order for Iran to participate in the Geneva 2 conference. Hisham Marwa, a member of the Legal Committee of the Syrian National Coalition, confirmed that the Coalition would not attend the Geneva 2 conference in the absence of serious political interest in dealing with the Syrian file. He added that “the Coalition cannot be a way to legitimize the remainder of Bashar al-Assad and those who support him.” The member of the Legal Committee of the Coalition said “the international community was not thinking logically when dealing with the legal terms and concepts with respect to Geneva 1.” He pointed out Article VI of Geneva 1 which “denotes a mandatory transfer of power from one authority to another authority”, which points to the forcing of Bashar al Assad’s handing over power to another authority. He noted that “the transfer of power requires two different authorities, which in the ABC’s of legal terminology, means that Bashar al Assad has removed himself from the principles of Geneva, which would be reasonable to be blind to or to ignore.”  Marwa considered it unacceptable for Iran to participate in Geneva “because it is a part of the problem and participated in killing Syrian people; it is considered as an occupying force on Syrian land and impossible to negotiate with the occupier” in regards to the Syrian issue. Representative of the Syrian National Coalition in Turkey, Khaled Khoja believes Kerry’s cascading remarks “establish the existence of a Russian-American deal with Israeli support”, and he questioned whether or not “relations with Iran were involved in this deal.” But Khoja confirmed that the Coalition will lay out the roadmap for Geneva 2  on the 25th of this month,  pointing out that “all the international transactions with respect to the Syrian file will not affect the Syrian National Coalition’s position with regard to the basic principle that the Geneva 2 conference must be based upon.”

(Source: Coalition)