This week saw a deadly escalation in the Syrian conflict, in a purported chemical attack that left hundreds dead and prompted a UN investigation into who was behind it. Eyewitnesses on the ground spoke to Syria Deeply, in Voices from Damascus: ‘We Expect Nothing from the United Nations.’

As Washington and its allies point the finger at the Assad regime, both implicitly and explicitly, we asked experts: Will the Chemical Attack Spur Foreign Intervention? And with Russia coming to Assad’s defense, accusing the West of using the chemical allegations as propaganda, it was a good week to hear Voice from Moscow on Russia’s Confidence in Bashar. We also surveyed analysts on The State of the Syrian Jihad,

As Syria’s conflict threatens to tear up Lebanon along sectarian lines, our Alison Meuse reported from Hezbollah territory In South Beirut, A Funeral and Fighters at the Ready.

In community opeds, seasoned correspondent Janine di Giovanni sought to combat collective story fatigue in, You’ve Forgotten About Syria Again, Haven’t You?