The singer Nazik Salim committed suicide

WFW-Deralok – 15.12.2012 – : The woman singer (Nazik Salim) who married 3 months ago, today early in the morning after saying goodbye to her friends, she committed suicide.  

(Nazik Salim Nerwayi) who was born in (1987) started singing in early years of 2000, she had some albums of her songs released.In a statement for Warvin a close source to this singers family said, today early in the morning (Nazik Nerwayi) had sent message to her sisters and some friends through her mobile phone saying: Forgive me I am ending my life, later she had headed to (Zey Bchuk) which is a river close to where she lives  which belongs to (Deralok) district of (Amedi) town. The source added “After the news being released, the fire fighters department with her family started looking for her in the (Zey Bchuk) area trying to find her”.

According to the information Warvin obtained, the fire fighters found a (scarf, her shoes and her mobile phone) around the place of the incident. They have also found and seen the footsteps of this woman singer but till now she has not been found. Although (Nazik Nerwayi) has been married for 3 months only, the reason of the suicide is still not known.