NADRA KAMAL HAMAD : 20-year-old Kurdish woman died after setting herself on fire

SHINGAL, Warvin / Mesop – 14.3.2013  South Kurdistan – : 22-year-old (Nadra Kamal Hamad) is a resident of (Adnania) residential compound located 17Km in the southwest of Shingal, she set herself on fire in her own house.

A source from (Gruzer) district’s police stated to Wavrin that Nadra has 3 children from her first husband and they got divorced, 6 months ago she got married for the second time.“Due to her sorrowful life and social issues, on March 7, 2013, 22-year-old Nadra set herself ablaze and she succumbed to her injuries” the source added. The incident happened to the women who has gone through early marriage, had 3 children and got married again, meanwhile, women in the Kurdistan region and the world were commemorating Women International Day (March 8).  According to the information Warvin got, since the beginning of the New Year, twenty suicide cases in Shingal area have been recorded, majority of them were women.