The second international conference for women held / Sulaimani

11/11/2012 : ARTROL –  In order to discuss the women situation and issues by participation of women activists inside the Kurdistan region and outside started holding the second international conference for women.Friday (November 9th,2012) The second international conference for women was held under the title of (Women in Practice) in Tawar hall of Sulaimani city supervised by Artrol organization and supported by Kurdistan women union, it will start its activities and will last for 2 days, in the conference women issues will be discussed as well as the obstacles stopping women from gaining their rights and also the necessary awareness’s needed for women.

In the beginning a short movie was played which was about the Kurdish women and their participation in the Kurdish revolution and other aspects of life, later another movie was played about the activities of Artrol organization on their cultural, arts, and women rights in different parts of the world.

Later, director of Kurdistan women union in a speech mentioned the obstacles facing women in Kurdish society, she hoped that organization in Kurdistan participate in solving these issues and obstacles. Also director of Artrol organization gave a speech about their cultural, arts and women rights awareness activities across the world.

Director of Media of Kurdistan women organization (Saywan Rostam) said “This conference was held by Artrol organization which is an organization working on Arts and cultural activities and awareness for us, the main goal is the role of arts in the society especially in awareness of women”.

He added “The conference will last for 3 days and its ran by women union, where women activists from Kurdistan, Iraq and foreign countries have participated”.

Director of Artrol organization (Adalat Raza) said, our organization was established in (2004) in England, and it has been a month that we have opened our office in Hawler for Iraq and the middle east. She added ” This is the second conference about women issues and obstacles of the society in front of them”. She also added ” We will try to work and promote arts and culture, especially those who have a certain talent in these aspects, we will support them so they can improve their skills, for these activities, Kurdistan women union have been very supportive for far”.