The Role of Slemani’s Courthouse / “THE PUK FILES” against Hoshyar Abdullah Fatah – General Manager of the Kurdish News Network


After February 17 (17 Shubat) 2011 demonstrations and the days that followed, specifically the events of April 4 and the behaviour of the security forces towards students of Slemani University, Najmadeen, a security forces Colonel, has filed a complaint against me. This complaint is an example of others that were filed against me under pressure from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

Najmadeen‌’s complaint was in 2011 and now it is 2014 – three years have passed. But Najmadeen, through his lawyer, postponed the complaint for another six months. If things go like this, this case will not be decided for some more years to come. This postponement comes after the Courthouse in December 2013 held a hearing where Najmadeen, in front of the judge said, “They (referring to us) wanted to burn the courthouse and I prevented them.” “I will bring more proof that the TV channels and particularly Kurdish Network News (KNN) denounced my name” he said. After three years, he has still failed to provide any proof. After three years, while complains have been filed against private and opposition media channels, none have been decided upon. Moreover, Najmadeen‌’s lawyer postponed the hearing to the middle of 2014.   

Now, there has to be some questions directed to Slemani’s Courthouse:

– Will the Courthouse ever consider the value of people‌’s time, career, jobs and well-being?

– Why does attending or non-attending court hearings and cases have to be decided by those who have power and authority?

– Is people‌’s time taken into consideration?

– Normally, no court hearing is supposed to be held at 9am in Kurdistan, only after 9:30 or sometimes later, and the judges stop seeing cases after 12:00; while other employees must stay in the office until 1:30. So the question is: is this scenario not only beneficiary for the respectable judges?

– Is it not permissible to ask the courthouse why they only call people like us or those who have not supported the Party officials, and only those who are underprivileged?

– Is the courthouse not created to protect the interests of people and to be unbiased, or is it to protect only portions of the Party officials?

– Is it not questionable if I was not able to attend a court hearing, they directly issue a decision to arrest me, but they fake hundreds of justifications for Party officials! Note: there are Party officials who have clearly boycotted court hearings. I do not even mean those who were accused of killings 10 people on February 17 (17 Shubat), so far no Party official has been arrested.

To conclude, I have a lot to reveal about Slemami’s Courthouse, but will not reveal them in the time being until someone in the court says what you say is not correct!

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