The Origins of Salafi Jihad in Iranian Kurdistan

Several years reporting news and trends based on the presence and activities of Islamic extremists so-called “Salafi” in Iranian Kurdistan (Sunni region) and some other provinces of the Sunni population of Iran has been published and attracted much attention has .

But the small size and dispersion of these news reports one hand and the other hand, their unwillingness to this process “spatial media to their activities” actually different dimensions and extent of such activities, trends and circle them in the zone of influence of spatial ambiguity is taken down .

No doubt about it, more uncertainty can not in the interest of the people and our society is. Because the reality is that the domain of influence, activities and actions of this kind of very broad trends and more dangerous than it is imagined.

More abstract spatial studies and research of the not so deep in this regard I want to offer.

It should be mentioned that during the so-called because “Slfyh” _ a political religion is Sunni. This study, only the current activities in the Sunni regions of Kurdistan (Kurdistan and West Azerbaijan) deals.


Historical record attendance of religious trends – political Kurdistan

However, (Judge Mohammed) famous leader of national movement of Iranian Kurdistan and the Kurdish Republic’s founding a senior cleric (Mahabad judge) and a number of ministers from the Republic of Kurdistan region Clergymen were Mokri. But neither Muhammad nor the judge his spiritual ministers Sdd never form a religious stream Brnyamdnd.

However, all they had and the person Judge Mohammed, the bulk of the convention of political influence and credibility owes its legitimacy had their religious.

After the fall of the Republic of Kurdistan, the Kurdish areas of any particular religious stream in Western Azerbaijan province (Kurdistan Mokri) and Clergymen were not the highly traditional to the region even during religious modernism that can operate in Iraqi Kurdistan, remained unresponsive.

But the situation in Kurdistan Ardalan (current Kurdistan) slightly above the space we have traced were different.

Ardalan in Kurdistan of the old Band bold and powerful presence through both religious reference “Shyvkh Naqshbandi” and “caliphs Qaderi Dervishes” reference along Clergymen (clerical) and they conflict with the intellectual, religious atmosphere was more alive and dynamic and can vote Tzarb Following the ideas coming through and there were different religious perceptions.

In the early decades of fifty (SSI) Ahmed Moftizadeh that time the most prominent representatives of religious modernism (field religious issues) were among the Sunnis of Iran, after the death of his uncle as “Mufti of Kurdistan” instead of meeting him.

Mufti Ahmad born several years before that in Iraqi Kurdistan had spent way up with the Muslim Brotherhood and thoughts while they were dating in the organization of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran paid a political activity, was established in 1355 current as “Koran schools” be.

It seems most important goal of forming Moftizadeh Koran deal with the growing school of thought was left in Kurdistan is among young.

Moftizadeh, especially the growth of the national forces and the left was never fearful Mqdarhsasyt against local groups to influence, even to groups that their adventure Mynamydnd left, did not express.

The first branch of the Quran school in Marivan at the time of the most important centers of influence was considered Shyvkh Naqshbandi, was established.

Later, the group’s offices in Sanandaj and some other cities were also launched.

Koran schools can be religious during the first Sunni political _ Iranian Kurdistan, he said.

Mufti Ahmad Zadeh also influence a lot of Sunni religious modernism, with some Shiite religious political trends _ such as the Freedom Movement, was associated. His efforts over the years to draw together the Sunnis and the Shiites of Iran did.

Koran school in 1357 and the person in Aslamyz·h Moftizadeh to protest against the Kurdish people and the Shah’s regime to link the protests with the overall movement (led by Khomeini) had to spend a lot of effort so that the tally was not successful.

With the fall of the Shah’s regime in February 1357 during the severity of his activities Koran schools, especially in the political sphere and Moftizadeh added, with a profit of seats Atbarmzhby “Grand Mufti of Kurdistan”, which previously had been inherited by him, to his place of Kurdish and Sunni leaders of Iran drew up.

Moftizadeh in this period of Iranian interference in the Sunni constitution and business development “of Islamic self-determination” advocated for Kurdistan.

Regime (Shiite) reached a new power to suppress activist groups and political parties in Kurdistan, particularly the left forces, with several years Moftizadeh tolerance, but after dominating the situation in Kurdistan, in 1361 and to capture Moftizadeh 1371 can be imprisoned.

A few months after his release from prison, he died.

But his followers, despite the heavy blows on them and came into existence during the later years of the arrest and then died Moftizadeh, were split, so far as political life _ to continue their religious and especially in the cities of Sanandaj, Marivan, turpentine andKamyaran have influence and credibility.

Also part of the people as “reformers was” known followers of Mufti Ahmad Dyrvzv born today are considered.

Now fans Moftizadeh two factions, “Hassan Amin” (Kurdish Sunni religious judge) and winger “Saadi Qureshi” have been divided.

“Hassan Amin” clearly has a relationship with the regime’s security organizations and factions “Saadi Qureshi,” while maintaining the distance with the regime, particularly over the last few years the demands of national defense of the people of Kurdistan have been biased.

Invite the congregation and reform

Stream “invites the congregation and reform” in the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Iran.

The first core of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iranian Kurdistan in the years 8-1357 convention by some of the religious seminary students that the school Hlbjh (Iraqi Kurdistan) were educated in predominantly Kurdish areas and then Avram in Sanandaj were formed.

The nuclei at the beginning of the Muslim organizations directly associated in Halabja had led from the city were Akhvanhay.

The core of the Iranian leaders, which featured Trynshan “Nasser Sobhani,” was due to the special atmosphere of the early years after the Iranian revolution, Salah did not know to pay to operate independently. For this reason, perhaps discretion Brotherhood leaders of Iraqi Kurdistan, with Ahmed Moftizadeh agreed that their political project of his (Muslim autonomy) to support and instead allowing it to find the cover and within the framework of “Koran schools” to work .

This agreement until at least 1361 years Moftizadeh arrest remains and it will operate.

Invited group and help reform Mufti Ahmad Zadeh, who due to having a “Kurdish Sunni Mufti” among Iran’s Sunni religious legitimacy enjoyed a lot during the years 59-1358 to the rest of your organization Sunni areas of Iran (Baluchistan , Hormozgan, effort, Trkn Desert) expanded, embracing the Clergymen and religious youth faced in these areas.

Joint activities and congregation invite Moftizadeh Ahmed and reform in the rest of Sunni areas of Iran, while resulting in little Shams Council (Central Council of age) were Iranian and that Moftizadeh handful of well-known Sunni Clergymen Iran and Nasser Sobhani invite community leaders and reform, it would lead.

The purpose of this council declared the purpose to invite the congregation and reform the rights of Sunnis in Iran had been announced.

Moftizadeh arrest in 1361 member organization of the Koran schools – under pressure from the Brotherhood and security forces were suppressed, and dozens of leaders of both groups, arrested, deported or expelled from government jobs.

Fate as Shams Council later on in the halo spatial ambiguity sank.

Finally, in late sixties, Naser Sobhani was also arrested and executed.

Come work with the government of Hashemi Rafsanjani, according to his foreign policy, including normalizing relations with Saudi Arabia and Egypt, was followed from the intensity of Brotherhood supporters in Iran and declined to invite the congregation and reform for the first time found that allowing the public to pay up.

This movement also continued to present their activities in Sunni areas of Iran continues.

Its headquarters is located in Tehran and the “old Abdul Rahman” is available on its leadership.

Remember this is worthy of note that despite the influence this process in other Sunni areas of Iran, yet the majority of its leading members of Kurdistan are Sunni.

Invite the congregation and its reform in the last Congress, which was held in recent years, officially to defend the cultural rights of ethnic minorities in Iran to ratify its Statute added.

Something contrary to the historical background of Muslim Brotherhood activity in other Muslim countries are a minority.

Invite the congregation about the circle of influence and reform in Iranian Kurdistan, said the process can also be influential among reformers, religious among educated urban youth, and some independent of clerical influence and credibility is high.

This influence, particularly in Kurdistan, there are more Mokri, until the sixth election period in Parliament, known as one of its members as representatives to the parliament Sardasht and Piranshahr found.

Group Ansaralaslam

Third _ religious political activist in Iranian Kurdistan (based on form) Ansaralaslam extremist group that officially his _ a jihadist Salafist Group knows.

To study the historical background of this group mainly Iraqis, who now also all the main leaders of Iraqi Kurds are Nacharym little political space _ Religious Iraqi Kurdistan, Iranian Revolutionary Guards a history of involvement in that area and eventually formed Ansaralaslam how and why the settlement Kurdistan pay.

Although the work coming from the very beginning of the Iranian regime’s supreme leader, Kurdish political parties Vgrvhay intimate relationship was established with the Yi and the regime of arms and financial assistance were received. (Aside Azshakhh Iraqi Kurdistan Communist Party Party called prevalence)

But the reasons security institutions, particularly Sepah Pasdran addition Sdd Parties Form a commandment to listen and religious parties in Iraq’s total area and tried.

Therefore in 1984 to gather a number of Iraqi refugees living in Kurdistan, a group titled “Muslim connections” formed.

Battle of the course, go anywhere

In 1986, a group of dissident Clergymen “Halabja” Iran moved to the warm welcome and were Iranian Revolutionary Guards official.

Clergymen of the history of some of the Muslim Brotherhood had a membership.

The people with the establishment in their relationship apparently ended with the Brotherhood.

They intervened in 1987 and the direct supervision of the IRGC and the Ministry of Information, the party as “the Islamic movement in Iraq,” formed a group of former Islamic Relations also attached to it.

The Islamic movement in Iraq from the very beginning of its formation, taking advantage of abundant financial resources and arms Iranian Revolutionary Guards and some reactionary circles the area, hundreds of radical Islamism, Arab and Turkmen Sunni attract and after military training at Army bases Iranian Revolutionary Guards, for the “jihad against the infidels of Communism” in Afghanistan (Najibullah era) can be deployed.

As well as a “pathfinder” in some overseas operations in Iraqi Kurdistan Army Corps attended.

After the uprising of Iraqi Kurds in 1991 and out of the Kurdistan regional government under Saddam’s rule, the Islamic movement’s armed forces trained and their transfer into Iraqi Kurdistan and the added intensity of its activities.

The flow of the reasons that this brief description does not fit in for just a few years the most influential and powerful third party in Iraqi Kurdistan (Patriotic Union along with Barzani’s Democratic Party) became.

But very fast expansion and development of the party Npayyd soon, because not all those who had joined with the current policy of its leaders and not agreed to such a rapid growth of other influential parties (Patriotic Union and Democratic Party) was tolerated .

Also Rafsanjani faction domination (through the Ministry of Information) of the party, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards commanders were not pleasant.

So the competition and the Ministry of Intelligence Corps in taking control of the party and other factors that were cited, the field splits in a row the party will be achieved.

According to the nature of Iranian Revolutionary Guards, with all power and control in Sdd attract more radical factions of the Islamic movement, which mostly young and uneducated Extremist were sought.

Also to strengthen their people trained and experienced extreme Yi as “Mullah Krykar, Ayoub Afghani, Hassan Sufi Bazyany Omar, Abu Abdullah Shafei,” and people from the hands of the terms of the “Afghan Jihad” and learned experience Bdydh had been encouraged to return to Iraqi Kurdistan and the Islamic movement will join.

They succeeded for some time in small radical youth movement and the Islamic Extremist factions gathered around them to organize.

Finally, under the pretext that the Islamic movement’s leaders in government “infidels” Kurdistan’s share and become the “jihad” are far, all branches whisper chanting.

The first split occurred in 1996 and led to the breakaway Hasan Sufi Jihadi group name “Hamas” to establish themselves.

But the group killed Hasan Sufi broke up in 1999.

Later another group as “Islamic Unity” was split. The group after the assassination of Hariri by François (prime Vzyrmsyhy) Government Barzani, the region and the remaining people fled Halabja Hamas had also gathered around.

Islamic Emirate of Kurdistan!

In the same year (1999) One of the most dangerous jihadi leader called “Mullah Ali Bdlzyz acclaimed” The youngest child then leader of the Islamic movement, along with some other souls through Iranian territory and went to Afghanistan after meeting with “Maulvi Abdul” Secretary of Defense Taliban, returned to Iraqi Kurdistan.

“Praised Mullah Ali” and his official welcome on the border of Iran were Iranian Revolutionary Guards Hello and descendent of Iraqi Kurdistan were a way!

The person a few months after entering Iraqi Kurdistan, along with City fans “stable” and its surrounding villages (on the border of Iran and Iraq) to capture and bring up “the Islamic Emirate of Kurdistan” in the area announced.

Kurdistan Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Taliban-style Afghanistan, the violence run “religious orders” on its agenda gave little during several of the local people on various charges to bear “too religious” condemned.

From this date onwards barn and around town (the town of Halabja), “Medina” will be called extremists, and hundreds of Muslim Extremist throughout Kurdistan, with enthusiasm and great talent there, they migrate to join the Kurdistan Islamic Emirate.

Few months, the Islamic Emirate of work is so high that the Kurdistan Patriotic Union, “Jalal Talabani” in helpless officially announced to suppress it.

The emirate until 2003 did survive.

Ironically, despite the emirate _ Financial aid abundant supply of arms and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, with some reactionary countries of the region including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghan Taliban intimate relationship Yi was established.

Also, little information is available on the number of rational agents of Western intelligence agencies (American and European) region of Kurdistan under the influence of Islamic Emirate of traveling and have praised Mullah Ali met.

In 2001 another member of the radical Islamic movement led by “Abvbdallh Shafei” split from the party they called jihadi groups “Jndalaslam” formed on top.

Jndalaslam groups are also in the town of Halabja region “bring” Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on the border of Iran and Kurdistan, are based.

In the same year (2001) another radical group led by “Mlakrykar” to split the Islamic movement, and like its predecessor, the region in Halabja and the Iranian border are to be deployed.

Group “Mullah Krykar” group on 11.12.2001 “Jndalaslam” to join together and “group Ansaralaslam” Make and Mlakrykar is elected to lead it.

Since forming the group Ansaralaslam also continues to operate, all the other jihadist groups to join and wide area on the border of Iran and Iraq is placed under the domination Ansaralaslam.

The region after the fall of the Taliban government welcomes hundreds of Arab jihadi _ fled Afghanistan is the country.

Also, dozens of members of the jihadist “Hezbollah” Turkish Kurdistan after returning from Afghanistan are sheltered in this region.

Here should be asked whether the formation and accumulation of the Kurdistan Islamic Emirate of all this “jihad” of Muslims of various nationalities in the region has happened?

Do they accumulate on a pre-designed scenarios, the intelligence agencies of imperialist countries, is not?

Especially that all these developments and events are concurrent with the September 11, America’s invasion of Afghanistan and the Taliban government fell, and serious planning for the occupation of Iraq.

No doubt these events could not have been connected together.

Beginning of America’s invasion and occupation of Iraq, the country in 2003, the area under the influence Ansaralaslam (Kurdistan Islamic Emirate) also hit a few long-range missiles were Maritime America and know the members of his show the least resistance, fled to Iran!

New Ansaralaslam Iran

However, before America’s invasion Ansaralaslam controlled area also borders Iran on the people of this group and its leaders were open and they are Iranian territory as a logistical Aqaba _ logistical used.

But the attack on America in 2003, the group’s gunmen particular discipline as if it already planned and arrangements have been made, were entered Iranian territory and were welcomed by Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Prior to this responsibility on with the group responsible Ansaralaslam Camp “Thunder” which was part of Camp Ramazan Corps, but was welcomed and settle them on Iranian soil in 2003 for the Camp “Shhramfr” in the center Sanandaj, had been assigned.

However gunmen Ansaralaslam, be disarmed without Shhramfr by Camp and camp in places that already had been prepared for this purpose, in the cities of Marivan, Srvabad, peers and DA settled.

Also, those primarily Ansar leaders have “passports” were European countries, including Amir Ansaralaslam (Mullah Krykar) and admire Ali Mullah and number of other prominent people were allowed to jihad through the airport to return to Europe!

The number of people Ansaralaslam arrival to Iran _ _ no specific information is available. Also the number of Arabs – Afghan jihad and the rest of you non arrived in Iran with Ansar correctly is unknown.

But there is no doubt that many Arabs – Afghans, later to “Ansaralsnh” joined.

It is well known that some of them, along with the number of trained jihadists to the yi (Iran and Iraq) to one of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards bases in tinsel town were transferred to coaches under the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards military skills will earn more.

Later most of these young people learning a new thing that would attract Ansaralaslam, were responsible.

Ansar al-Islam activities in Iranian Kurdistan

According to reliable Ansaralaslam current stage during their activities in Kurdistan as “non-operational phase,” knows.

At this stage its activities mainly on the following topics offers.

1. Invite (a phrase promoting)

2. Note and extreme cases of intimidation and opposition seducers

3. Ideological and military training

4. Serious and steadfast believers organized

5. Collect Donations

6. Formation of a secret nuclear operations for the next phase Zhv stage presence and strong believers and infidels and jihad will Mnhrfyn.

This movement to advance the programs and extracurricular activities, the activity of three ways, public, semi public and secret uses.

1. Public activities:

Public sector activities, including Ansar al-Islam and promoting ideological education – is the military.

The group conducted its promotions, mainly from the Mosque pulpit any way they could before prayers along with his opinion and that uses

. The mosque, which currently number over ten mosques is estimated. Mainly rural mosques and mosques margin Kurdish cities, towns, particularly south of Kurdistan (from peers to Bukan) is.

Ayradkhtbh by stimulating and popular content Frybanh extreme emphasis on appearances of religion, promoted Gary Salafi, Shia conflict, opposition to any religious modernism and the discussions of these issues, from the mosque before prayers and deep hatred of the clerical government appointed public The great mosques, especially the mosques Friday, comprehensive and cities of Kurdistan, led to a growing market boom before prayers and mosques under the control of Ansar al-Islam have provided.

For example, in recent years the number of mosques Nmazgzaran Saqez margins, so has increased the city’s grand mosque is equal.

Also in peers, along with state mosque in this city on Friday, mosques in several cities and villages near the sidelines prayer is filed and the number of worshipers the city of mosques, which are often religious youth, far more than the number of mosque prayersis.

Promotions Group Ansaralaslam addition, the mosques under their control for the youth decoy uses.

To this end, several members of Ansar al-Islam ever gathering of worshipers that these mosques are Hzvrpyda their duty to identify and attract talented young people are Extremist.

After identifying these young people with such caution are close to him and then earn trust, for “guidance” by him to the mosque or liturgist experienced his missionary are introduced.

Youth Aksrayn ad after a few months and guidance, take brainwashing, one of the bases in the public Ansaralaslam “Dzly” or “Srvabad” (both in the region Marivan) are sent.

After these periods of conscience _ Gzrandn military, usually to participate in “jihad” to Iraqi Kurdistan Kata’ib Ansarlsnh or are delivered to participating in terrorist operations in Iraq and Khrapkaranh be martyr!

Or survive in one of the “nuclear secret” to be organized.

2. Secret Level:

Hidden activities mostly in the formation and preservation Ansaralaslam “secret nuclear armed”

Are summarized.

The number of nuclei called the “shoulder Nvvstv” means “frozen core” are called now totaling hundreds of nuclei (Drkrdstan Iran and Iraq) are estimated.

In each of the cores 5 to 8 are organized.

Core members, although the present stage, at least in Kurdistan are not doing certain activities, but the ideological and military training have been completed and all are armed with Ned.

They actually have to organize the necessary time, when the Ansar al-Islam into the “operational phase” is. Visitors and their emergence as the interpretation of God’s wrath over the error and correct unexploded Yi opponents of all time “invitation” from the hands of their non-Islamic practices fail, come down!

Needless to say that kind of military training is the core, all the “civil war” is dedicated consist of bombings, assassinations, war and war street house.

The issue of dangerous programs Ansaralaslam stream for the future of the ordinary.

It also should not forget that only one out of the stagnant core, called the “core Kaveh” in 1388 and two judicial assassination of two well-known cleric Sanandaj were followed by one of their representative in the Assembly of Experts was Sanandaj.

After the assassination, which still has some aspects that remain obscure, intelligence forces in the neighborhood, “Sharif Abad” hiding nuclear Kaveh Sanandaj attacked the ten members of its armed Radstgyr that has so far not known where and by what institution are kept.

3. Semi-public activities:

Yi network of foundations, including supposedly “charitable” in the Sunni areas of Iran, Muslim countries, regional and some European countries raise funding for the fun are Ansaraslam.

These foundations often with titles like “helping the oppressed Sunni Iran” and making certain mosques for Sunni Shhrayran, helping schools in Iran and Sunni religious sciences such titles to help pay raise.

Foundation is very active and known “Salahuddin Ayubi” in some countries in the region as well as commercial business deals _ one of these foundations is considered.

Foreign Relations Ansaralaslam

Ansaralaslam addition the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and some high-ranking political officials _ Religious Islamic Republic of Iran, clearly with a number of reactionary governments of the region (particularly Saudi Arabia and Pakistan) and some Western intelligence agencies and security (particularly Britain and America) are related.

In this area was mentioned earlier that “Mullah Ali admired” the former Amir of the Islamic Emirate of Kurdistan and one of the prominent leaders Ansaralaslam, while America is apparently wanted by freely from country to country walks and a threatening letter to his uncle, Leader of the Islamic Union of Iraq, evidently written in 2007, his warm relations with the British security authorities refers.

Also, strong family ties with his heartfelt “Turkish” in the Saudi talks.

Also, “Mullah Krykar” Amir Ansaralaslam shortly awarded the City woman was from Norway and later led his people to take refuge in Iran in 2003 to easily return to Norway for years and now the “Oslo” will lead Ansaralaslam.

Additionally according to official news agency of Pakistan, last year (1388) 6 of Iranian Kurds (member Ansaralaslam) when attending an important meeting of radical Islamic groups, the “true valley Khan” were the country, bordering Pakistan and Iran were arrested by police the country.

In this context can be regional activities the Foundation “Salahuddin Ayubi” cited freely in attracting and collecting donations for Ansar al-Islam and knows nothing wrong with the funds collected will save European banks.

This of course only a small fraction of the amount of foreign communications Ansaralaslam that we’re aware of it.

No doubt much wider group communication and deeper than this.

Iran’s government obliges Nsaralaslam

No doubt the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Iranian intelligence officials as well as the quantity and quality of its activities are Ansaralaslam information in order to assess their long term interests should, therefore, not only does not prevent it, but in different ways (both public and non- public) to support it.

Ironically, while Gary Bond Ahmadinejad Shiite extremists and should be promoted in recent years allowed to publish dozens of books and more offensive to the religious beliefs of the Sunnis and even helped them.

Kurdistan will be allowed to Ansaralaslam the Sunni extremist idealism (Salafi Gary) and publicly promoted the Shiites “heretic” and the call from the Shia sect followers “Zalh” and in some cases “worse than infidels” call!

Of course, if all the literature written by fiery sermon Ansaralaslam members to review the lowest does and the opposition to oppose the rule of the supreme leader of Iran does not come on.

In other words, while the Shiites Ansaralaslam “heretic” and the Shiite “sect” worse than infidels calls misleading when the Shi’ite regime of Iran looks quiet about it (mixed appreciated) prefer!

The conventional way of course all the extremist groups, Salafi and Wahhabi rule in all countries is reactionary.

Because these tiny streams in the same table regimes are humiliated.

Silence Ansaralaslam strongly against cruel and repressive measures on the right to rule Iran, a Sunni country in the same framework can also understand and analyze.

Nevertheless Ansaralaslam relationship with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and wing extremist and reactionary rule of the supreme leader in Iran, particularly the complexity of the Yi has to understand all its dimensions in these conditions is not possible.

But what is clear both sides will benefit from this relationship and Egypt since it had been continued.

No doubt the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and other security agencies Ansaralaslam relationship with intelligence agencies and reactionary circles Extremist regional countries, particularly Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and some Western intelligence agencies are fully informed.

But so far not prevent continuation of this communication are not possible traffic from Iranian territory to European countries in the region and also for senior members of this movement are provided.

Several important questions!

Perhaps now can not be correct answers to questions that come to find more, but they can certainly ponder.

Yi Yi trans complex plot do not work at least in the circles within the security agencies, are part of its enforcement?

Whether the formation and organization of dozens of nuclear-armed action, albeit currently “frozen” by the Ansaralaslam Sunni Kurdish cities in Iran and the rest of the black eyes remained hidden security institutions?

Undoubtedly not, so what time and in what circumstances and for what action to Amir Ansaralaslam cores command “jihad” will?

Is this jihad against the Shiites, in order to launch a Shiite religious war – Sunnis in Iran would be?

2: Does the nuclear armed regime for suppressing dissidents and protesters supreme leader, in the absence of police and security agencies can not control the situation, are not considered?

3: Do the command “jihad” against the rest of Amir Ansaralaslam intellectual currents of Islamic modernism, particularly among Sunni religious activists in Kurdistan would be?

4: Do the command “jihad” against activists of the growing social movements in Kurdistan, including women, workers and students will be issued?

I think in all these cases may Ansaralaslam reactionary leaders, especially their ambitious Amir “Mullah Krykar” in coordination and synchronization with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Faqih, or the reaction region working with the imperialist countries, the day after supreme leader after the fall of the regime, These cores are currently active armed stagnant.

Assassination of two prominent cleric Sanandaj incident by one of the nuclear armed Ansaralaslam last year (1388) Despite this warning, and nuclear armed actions that may throw hand, bring the noise.

In conclusion, this discussion reminds me that the evidence is in the hands of imperialist countries and dangerous scenario Mnttqh reaction to Iran’s supreme leader after the regime in Iran if the situation demands before they initiated, waging war, ethnic and religious will be. Yi disaster should from now it will remedy.

Words ending

Iran’s Shiite government and its repressive institutions, especially during the war propaganda and Ahmadinejad attacked the widespread use of the Yi Mnabr thousands of mosques throughout Iran and its myriad possibilities Yi media against Iran’s Sunni religious beliefs has launched.

However, the most common religious books and pamphlets published does not permit them.

They destroyed mosques and holy places and institutions are under the supreme leader called the “Great Islamic Center of West Country” Contrary to common standards in all Islamic countries and even unconstitutional regime, the most minor matters of Sunni religious schools Clergymen and regional affairs are involved.

The regime’s security agencies, particularly the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, while against the reactionary and extremist activities Ansaralaslam silent and even helped to give it, violently quiet and normal activities, and intellectual currents balanced Forward Thinking as Sunni religious activities “Wahhabi” should be suppressed!

However, everyone knows that a moderate and modern religious currents no contact with the current reactionary “Wahhabi” and not even against the teachings and violent movements and divisions that stand out are Afknanh.

In fact, the group that over all the intellectual currents and Nhlh with the Sunni Wahhabi and Vhabygry is close and consistent, “Salafi is” especially (Salafi jihadist) are.

It is obvious that the largest group of Salafi jihadist groups active in Iranian Kurdistan is Ansaralaslam.

Therefore, charges of “Wahhabi” groups and the rest of the Sunni religious currents are completely unfounded, and Yi is the only excuse for repression and intimidation of independent streams of religious people and protesters opposed to the inhumane policies of the regime’s supreme leader.

Gathered and writen: Bayz Afruzi translated by Khusraw Mstafanejad


[bad translation from Farsi]