The murderer of two Kurdish women released in Iraqi Kurdistan

CHAMCHAMAL, – 15.6.2013 – : The directorate of Garmian’s police spokesman major Hassan Muhammad confirmed the news, but he denied knowing the details about the reason of his release, Warvin website reported.

In that context, a source from directorate of confronting violence against women in Garmian, confirmed the news of his release and stated that their directorate is aware of this.

“Garmian organizations especially those which work with women are not aware of releasing the criminal” the source added. On Sunday January 2, 2011,around 6 pm, 18-year-old Shadi Fazil, student at 4th level of high school and 22-year-old Shokhan Fazil bodies found on Sharma village road near Gurga village east of Chamchamal. Three months after the incident, Chamchamal police was able to locate the criminal in cooperation with a mobile communication company.

Ministry of interior of KRG handed over the criminal to the court upon the police’s request; he was working as a security guard in one of the security agencies in Kirkuk, investigations showed that the weapon that killed Shokhan and Shadi was the same weapon as the one that the criminal owned it.

The court found him guilty of the murder of the two sisters and sentenced him to death After being imprisoned for more than a year, on Monday ,June 10, 2013, the murderer released upon Court of Cassation’s decision claiming that they have no evidence on involving the Asayish guy in the incident of murdering two sisters. In this context, a women rights activist who did not want her name to be mentioned told Warvin: “there are rumors that a political pressure on the court forced them to release him”.