The Kurds of West Kurdistan is bugged in their region, because of the closed border

WEST KURDISTAN, Rojhelat 20.12.2012 –  The Kurds of west Kurdistan are the largest ethnicity which been living under oppressive regime of Bashar Assad for many years. Lake of economic development in the region and also operation of Syrian government creates an environment which faces the population of the region to experience poverty and hardship.

They are struggling for basic daily needs for survivor (such as dry milk, food, clothes, and medicine). Although the Kurdistan regional government (south) have promised to keep the border open for international aid, but they didn’t deliver what their promised based on their political agenda. This cause the Kurdish of west Kurdistan did the peaceful demonstration to raise their voice against the policy of Kurdish regional government of south Kurdistan.

The Turkish government is perusing the same policy as the Kurdistan regional government of south Kurdistan regarding the west Kurdistan.

Even the west Kurdistan region is the richest in natural resource such as oil, and fertile land for agriculture, but the people didn’t benefit from it and force the people to migrate to other countries for employment. The Kurds of west Kurdistan remembers the time of Kurd of the south Kurdistan needs during the upraise of 1990, which Kurdish of west Kurdistan open their hart for them now they expect same return from them not the treatment they are receiving. Kurdish kids in west Kurdistan are suffering, dying; no one hears and sees their cries and tears. The solution to these crises is to open the borders, and let the ordinary people help each other’s, that isn’t too much to ask.