Syria Live: A Fight Against Hezbollah / April 23, 2013  Scott Lucas in EA Live, EA Middle East & Turkey, Middle East

0605 GMT: Casualties : The Local Coordination Committees claim that 106 people were killed on Monday, including 47 in Damascus and its suburbs and 24 in Aleppo Province. The Violations Documentation Center reports 57,817 people killed since the beginning of the conflict in March 2011, an increase of 155 from Monday. Of the dead, 45,665 are civilians, a rise of 98 from yesterday.

0555 GMT: Hezbollah

Monday was marked by a series of high-profile denunciations of the Lebanese organisation Hezbollah, from opposition leader George Sabra to senior clerics in Lebanon.Sabra, the new interim head of the Syrian National Coalition after the resignation of Moaz al-Khatib, called Hezbollah’s intervention on the side of the regime an “act of war”: What is happening in Homs is a declaration of war against the Syrian people and the Arab League should deal with it on this basis. The Lebanese president and the Lebanese government should realize the danger that it poses to the lives of Syrians and the future relations between the two peoples and countries.

At least two Sunni clerics — analyst Charles Lister claims there are six across the Middle East — called for a jihad against Hezbollah in towns just inside Syria such as al Qusayr, south of Homs. One of them, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Assir, announced the formation of the Free Resistance Brigades.