Jihadists from Europe set up base in Rojava & Syria!

 21 October 2013 –  hawarnews – BERLIN- According to a confidential report of German intelligence, some 200 jihadists from across the country have been in Syria and Rojava (west of Kurdistan) to support al-Qaida fronts. In the report that has been seen by weekly magazine Der Spiegel, it is stated that a growing number of German jihadists are heading to Syria to join the al-Qaida fronts. According to German intelligence, some 200 Islamists from across the country have gathered in northern Syria in what’s been dubbed the “German Camp.”

A “German Camp” has been set up in northern Syria and now serves as a collection point and possibly also a training center for German-speaking fighters. The majority of these young men come from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, home to one third of Germany’s Muslim population, but others come from the states of Hesse, Berlin, Bavaria and Hamburg. Over half of them are thought to have German nationality. It is estimated that around 1,000 volunteer jihadists from across Europe are now in Syria — compared to just 250 in late 2012. Around 90 allegedly come from Britain, 120 from Belgium, 50 from Denmark and approximately 150 from Kosovo. According to their latest statistics, German intelligence agencies believe that eight German jihadists have already died on the frontline in Syria.