The Forbidden Book


When will the Kurdish people realize that there is no difference between the KDP, PUK, Islamists, Communists, Gorran & Socialists?

By Arsalan M.Y.: – Kurdistan Tribune – As a resident of Hewler, and after months of intensive searching, I was able to obtain a copy of an illuminating yet forbidden book by Mr. Ayoub Barzani. The book is titled “The Kurdish Liberation Movement and the Rivalry of Region and International Powers 1958-1975” and it covers the era of Mala Mustafa Barzani during his leadership of the Kurdish movement. The book is banned in the domain of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), which controls Hewler and Duhok.

By its revelations and content and truths, I can confidently state that it is an exceptional book. To understand the recent history of Kurdistan and the reasons that lead to the current situation, each and every Kurd must read the book. It should be taught in schools to prevent the falsification of history, so that future generations understand the truth.

Like many other Kurds, I started my experience in the Kurdish movement by joining the KDP. I then resigned from the KDP and joined the Socialist Party, then Pasko, PUK and Islamists. I finally ended with Gorran. However, I have yet to find a satisfying answer. Unfortunately, I have witnessed nothing but hypocrisy, manipulation of people and abuse of power in the interest of a few elites.

During the past two and half years, the Middle East has undergone profound changes that are likely to re-shape the future of the region. The changes are redrawing the relationship between people and states. Each country has its own historical, socio-economic and political characteristics. Iraqi Kurdistan has been affected only cosmetically and artificially by the changes that have shaken the Arab countries, including Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Libya. It is undoubtful that the PUK, Islamists, Socialists and Gorran are the offshoots of the KDP. By reading the book of Mr Ayoub Barzani, I realized that our history has never ceased to repeat itself through lies, hypocrisy, personal interests, uncontrollable corruption, manipulation of people and an excessive and blind sense of materialism. Of course, added to this list is political tribalism, which is positioned at the top.

The question that poses itself is: Why is Iraqi Kurdistan immune from real and profound changes? For how long will the region be governed by jungle laws and our people be manipulated by harmful and toxic political leaders? When will the Kurdish people realize that there is no difference between the KDP, PUK, Islamists, Communists, Gorran and Socialists?