THE FINAL DAYS OF PUK : Iraqi Kurdistan: PUK’s Deputy Secretary General Dr. Barham Salih resigns

February 2, 2014 – SULÊMANÎ : The Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Dr. Barham Salih has resigned from his post saying that he does not have the right to hold any position in his party. Addressing reporters in Sulaimaniyah Dr. Barham said “I am only an ordinary member of the PUK until the PUK holds its fourth convention.”

Barham added that in order for the fourth convention to be successful and for the PUK to find its straight way and solve its problems, he prefers to stay as a simple member of the PUK. The leading council of PUK decided on Friday to postpone the fourth congress of the party to an unknown date. The decision comes on the day that the congress was due to be held.