REMZI KARTAL : Reactions against South Kurdistan over PYD

ANF – News Desk 25.10.2013 – Remzi Kartal, President of KONGRA GEL (People’s Congress of Kurdistan), spoke to Sterk TV about the prevention of PYD (Democratic Union Party) co-chair Salih Müslim from entering in South Kurdistan, Kurdistan Federal Region, on 17 October. Kartal pointed out that the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) denied Muslim permission for entering South Kurdistan because of its alliance with Turkey.

KONGRA GEL president stressed that this attitude was not aimed at Saleh Muslim himself alone but also meant being party to the attacks targeting Kurds in Rojava. Kartal said the purpose of this attitude was to prevent Kurds from going to Geneva, adding that; “This is an unacceptable attitude that will harm the common interests of the Kurdish people. The government of south Kurdistan cannot evade this responsibility.”

BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) parliamentary group deputy chair Pervin Buldan, who also responded strongly to the KDP, pointed out that this hindrance meant building a barrier to the unity and togetherness of Kurds, and demanded the removal of the obstacles to entering in south Kurdistan. Buldan called attention to the importance of the unity and togetherness of Kurds in the current process, and underlined that Turkey was behind this hindrance.

TEV-DEM executive Hüseyin Çaviş also underlined that the prevention of Muslim was not independent from the policies of Turkey against Kurds, adding that the KDP and the AKP government tried to prevent the unity among Kurds but will never achieve this purpose of theirs.