Pro-Assad Militias Massacre Civilians in the Town of Sheikh Hadid, Rural Hama / Press Statement – Syrian Coalition – Istanbul, Turkey – September 22, 2013

On Saturday, pro-Assad gangs killed fifteen people including women and children in the town of Sheikh Hadid, northwest of Hama.

This is the second time during the month September that Assad forces carry out a massacre. They slaughtered 24 innocent civilians using knives in the town of Kafr Ziba, in Idlib, on September 18th. The Syrian people have given up every hope that the international community will find a solution to put an end to their suffering. The Syrian Coalition, however, on behalf of the Syrian people, finds itself compelled to continue reporting Assad’s crimes to active states, as well as international humanitarian organizations.

Countries which used to “express their concern” can be reassured this time the Assad regime did not use chemical weapons. With cold blood, Assad forces used knives to slaughter innocent civilians, including women and children.We ask for Mercy for our martyrs, health for our wounded, and freedom for our detainees. Long live Syria and its people, free and with honor.