17.7.2013 –  The Kurdish people are highly aware of and very sensitive to matters the security, health, and freedom of their Leader, Leader APO. They regard their leader’s health as their own health. When the Kurdish People’s Leader complained of some health problems, the Kurdish People raised the demand for the immediate sending of a health delegate to Imrali.

Many Health Organizations, physicians, and civil society institutions  such as, Turkish Doctor’s Union, Medical Chambers in Kurdistan, and the Health Committee of  Democratic Society Congress put forward their demand for an impartial health delegate to visit Imrali. But the government has not given any response to these demands yet. Our people, Doctors’ Union, Civil Society Organizations and democratic circles are looking forward for an independent delegation to visit Imrali.

     The AKP government impedes the visit of an independent doctors delegate to Imrali; this shows that it has adopted a trivial and unserious approach to the process initiated by the Kurdish People’s Leader. The Kurdish People’s Leader is the primary addressee in the settlement of the Kurdish Questions which is Turkey’s most fundamental question. The Kurdish Freedom Movement has declared for many times that Leader APO is the top negotiator in the settlement process. At present, the democratic settlement process has begun. The Kurdish People’s Leader is the initiator of this process. Showing no sensitive and serious care for his health raises doubts about AKP’s stance on the process. How can a political force in favor of the settlement of the Kurdish question behave this way?

The Kurdish People’s Leader has been suffering from health problems for years. But he has not brought it into question yet. The aim of his request for an independent health delegate to visit him is for the process to work well. The reason is that our Leader’s attitude and attempt is a determining factor in the success of the process. In order to manage the process well and prevent the cessation of it due to his health, he is taking a responsive approach. The irresponsible and insensitive approach of the AKP government to this Leader, who is approaching so responsibly and sensitively to the settlement process, puts forth its view of the process.

    Shutting ears to the social reactions about the health of Kurdish People’s Leader and hindering his meetings with individuals and groups capable of playing a positive role in the settlement of the Kurdish Question is an approach at least as harmful as the approaches of those circles opposing the process. The AKP government claims that “some circles are opposing the process”, and at the same times shows attitudes likely to sabotage the process. With such an attitude, it will have no words for those opposing the process. And if it has, it is far from believable.

      If the AKP government wants to support the democratic settlement process initiated by Kurdish People’s Leader, it should first be responsive to his health. Showing such responsiveness is a necessity of the process as it is also a measure of showing respect for the Kurdish People. It is impossible to advance the negotiation and settlement process without treating this Leader with respect. Therefore, the AKP government should send an independent health delegate to Imrali without delay.

     The health, freedom, and security of Leader APO are, at the same time, the health, freedom, and security of the Kurdish People. Leader APO’s demand for an independent health delegate to visit him is a move to guarantee the health, freedom, and security of the Kurdish People. The Kurdish People should pay their support to both the settlement process and their freedom and democratic life, hence they have to advance their democratic activities aimed at sending a health delegate to Imrali. At the same time, the democratic circles in Turkey, too, should raise their democratization struggle and support the Kurdish People’s Leader’s efforts to resolve the Kurdish Question and help the process end up in the democratization of Turkey. Achieving these ends needs advancing their democratic activities and putting forward their attitudes for an independent health delegate to Imrali.