The Bernie, Hillary, Donald Ticket


The Bernie, Hillary, Donald Ticket – BY Kamal  ARTIN, MD – LOS ANGELES

Considering that women tend to be gentler, more sincere, and caring, I usually choose them over men to run for any position. However, this time I am not convinced that Hillary has more of these qualities compared to Bernie.Bernie insists that he is anti-establishment. One might ask what is wrong with the establishment. Stagnant establishments tend to turn rotten, as evidenced by many corrupt religious and economic institutions. The Washington establishment is becoming similar to the European establishment prior to the Renaissance, which was based on aristocracy and colonialism. The Enlightenment led to the humane concept of equality and so the American founding fathers decided to say ‘no’ to the European establishments and declared independence. By doing so they wanted to build a country in which everyone has an equal opportunity to work toward a dream and pursue happiness.

Unlike the founding fathers, the current Washington establishment seems to prevent the opportunity for millions of disadvantaged people at home and around the world to have a better life.

While all candidates have some valuable qualities despite their flaws, I believe that Bernie’s belief system is closest to the one of the American founding fathers. He does not think that any religion is superior, unlike many “supreme” mullahs, clergies, and rabbis or candidates who believe in the supremacy of themselves or their race and religion. He is sincere in making sure that future generations, regardless of the parents’ income, have the option to pursue tuition-free higher education. He sincerely believes that like education, health care is a right that everyone deserves. And above all, he is sincere in believing in social democracy.

Considering the brutality of the primitive socialist countries, many people are afraid of socialism. They may not know that it is a very advanced and humane political system, if run by progressive humanists. It could be a system in which no one’s rights are violated, and everyone contributes based on capacity and takes based on need. It is true that we may not be psychologically self-actualized; many of us might turn greedy, give less than our capacity, and take more than our need, which probably happened in many socialist countries. It was the lack of understanding of the human mind and its stages of development as well as the economic and cultural primitive stages of those countries that led to their failure. Fortunately that failure turned to success for those who were thirsty for liberty and so many people found the chance to express themselves freely and many nations became independent.

Socialism probably succeeds in a country that has reached a higher level of development economically, socially, and culturally. In the United States where most people are treated equally, are not hungry, have a roof over their heads, can express ideas and pursue happiness freely, there is a higher chance of moving toward socialism; at the same time, since many of us are not in a psychologically developed stage, there is no better way than democracy to get there, and so Bernie’s social democracy is the right contemporary choice. By social democracy Bernie probably means that everyone has the same rights and opportunity to participate in decision making for all. No one really needs billions to have a comfortable life and no one can take billions to the grave. Therefore, it is justified to give billions of the wealth of billionaires to take care of the needs of millions of disadvantaged people.

So if we choose Bernie to lead us, who could be a more suitable choice for Vice President than Hillary? As such Hillary might go through further developmental stages and not negotiate with governments that brutally suppress people in many countries. She might learn that symbolically one does not have to cover their head when visiting an Islamic state, since we do not ask others to remove their scarf when they visit ours. She might learn that most self-centered leaders in the Middle East are still in a primitive stage of development and impose their values on all. Of course as Vice President, she will be too busy learning these values to become a more progressive future leader in Washington DC.

Since Hillary would be busy with supporting Bernie and learning new world ideas, who but Donald would be the right secretary of state to go around the world and negotiate modern and tougher deals with some leaders whose mission is preventing progress and equality for all. He is qualified not to build walls but to tear them down and build thousands of resorts at the Mexican border so that our disadvantaged fellow human beings in the Southern Hemisphere could find jobs in them. He is suitable not to fight China but to stop it from further domination of the world market with cheap labor and abuse of laborers. He is qualified not to turn the Middle East to Christianity but to tell its leaders that their religion is not superior to any other ones. He is qualified to tell Israel to let the Palestinians have a state of their own and to tell Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria that Kurds deserve equality and independence. He might even negotiate with Israel to help the Kurds build four Israel-like countries in the Middle East for balance and lasting peace.  He is qualified to tell the tough and brutal leaders around the globe that they cannot live in a modern world and treat their people with the primitive style of the Middle Ages.

In addition, since we might still not be ready for social democracy, Bernie might ask other candidates from all parties who had the ambition and courage to run for the highest office to join his cabinet. This way all voters would receive the confirmation that their votes count.

As it took Sheherzad 1001 nights to stop the brutality of a king, my goal was to argue in 1001 words that a Bernie, Hillary, Donald ticket is the most reasonable ticket toward a better future for all.