Watch Video’s On Yekiti-Member Dersem Adham ‘Umar

Dersem Adham ‘Umar was arrested on 17 June and is a member of the Martyr Tehsin Memmo Brigade in Amude and later released. The Asayish released his interrogation video on 1 July. /

Unity Party Withdraws From Supreme Council

Kurdish Unity party withdraws from Supreme Kurdish council, says PYD arrested 90 people in Amude Yekiti Media.

Posted by Wladimir van Wilgenburg/

US State Department On Amuda

US state department press release on Amude / Full Text

Claims On 313

Salih Muslim said they imposed a curfew on Amude as result of FSA 313 brigade that allegedly attacked the YPG in the city. But 313 denies operating in Amuda. Liwa 313 claims they have reduced their number of fighters in Hassakah and withdraw from Tal Ak. /

Courtey Wladimir van Wilgenburg / Transnational Middle East Observer