16.6.2013 – In a statement released Saturday night, Taksim Solidarity Platform commented the evening’s police attack on Gezi Park as a crime against humanity and underlined that the march of the people cannot be stopped.

The platform remarked that “The government officials who promised that Gezi Park will not be intervened till the announcement of the court’s final decision have turned the Gezi Park, Istanbul and the country to battlefield”. The platform condemned the police raid with rubber bullets, tear gas and blast bombs, remarking that the attack came at a time when there were a number of women, children and elders in the park area.

The attack is continuing in and around Taksim Square as well as across the country, said the platform in the statement it released at 01:20 local time.

The platform remarked that police even attacked the infirmaries at Gezi Park and Divan Hotel.

Pointing out that the governor and police director of Istanbul didn’t make convincing statements on the figures of those wounded and taken into custody in Taksim since the attack on Gezi Park. The platform said hundreds of people were wounded in today’s attacks, and that dozens among them were hit with rubber bullets.

The platform noted that the police attack came as components of Taksim Solidarity in the park were discussing the stance to be displayed after the meeting with the Prime Minister. “This attack which came when there was no demonstration in Taksim Square reveals that the PM intends to enhance the social polarization and to satisfy his greed for authority through the repression of the people”, it said.

The platform made the following urgent calls;

1- Security forces must end the violent attack. The government will be responsible for all incidents taking place tonight.

2- Media institutions should help for the announcement of our statements and protect the people from the disinformation of a government that wages a war against its people.

3- We are concerned over the medical condition of the people wounded in the attack. Obstacles to the access of voluntary doctors to the area must be removed and public health institutions must urgently be strengthened to provide service for the wounded.

4- Tens of thousands from all sides of Istanbul are marching to Taksim. It is not possible to prevent this march of our people.”