Tens of thousands to take to streets on the Day of Peace / Message of negotiation and democratic solution to be given on the Day of Peace

31.8.2012 – ANF – The International Day of Peace will be met in Turkey in an environment of intense clashes and racist attacks across the country. This year’s September 1 rallies in Turkey will put emphasis on negotiation and democratic solution for the Kurdish problem.

 The major meetings for the World Peace day will take place in the provinces of Istanbul, Diyarbakır, Van and Adana, while marches and rallies will be staged in a number of other provinces. The main agenda of this year’s activities will be the Roboski Massacre, murdered children and the conflict environment in the country.The rally in Kadıköy area of Istanbul will be one of the most important centers for people to voice their demand for peace. The Istanbul rally which is leaded by People’s Democratic Congress (HDK) is expected to be joined by 100 thousand people.On the other hand, Human Rights Association (IHD) Istanbul Branch will stage a march on Saturday evening with the slogan “solution to the Kurdish problem”.

Another major meeting for the Peace Day will be staged in the main Kurdish city Amed/Diyarbakır where thousands of people will demand “Democratic Solution and Negotiation” for the Kurdish problem. DTK(Democratic Society Congress) co-chair Ahmet Türk will also join the Diyarbakır rally which has been organized jointly by NGOs, political parties and unions in the city.

The regional rally in Van will be joined by tens of thousands from the Kurdish region and surrounding provinces of Ağrı, Muş, Kars and Ardahan. The rally has been dedicated to murdered children and BDP(Peace and Democracy Party) Van city Council Member Yıldırım Ayhan who lost his life as a result of fire opened by Turkish soldiers in Çukurca town of province of Hakkari in 2011. DTK co-chair Aysel Tuğluk will make a speech here addressing the people in the meeting area.

The other major rally will take place in Adana with the slogan “We side with brotherhood and peace, demand a democratic solution to the Kurdish problem, and are against the conflict with Syria and an imperialist intervention in the Middle East”. The rally has been dedicated to Mazlum Akay and all other children murdered by state forces. The rally has been organized jointly by 28 institutions.

One other rally will be staged at Seyit Rıza Park in the province of Dersim. DTK Coordination Committee Member Ayla Akat Ata will be joining the rally which is leaded by the HDK. The Democracy Platform of Batman will organize a panel discussion to remember the Roboski massacre on the World Peace Day. The Platform will stage a torch march Friday evening.This year’s September 1 activities are also expected to be broadly joined by women and Peace Mothers who will at the same time welcome the 12th anniversary of the establishment of their Initiative through which they have institutionalized their struggle for peace.

On the other hand, conscientious objector Halil Sevda will start out from the village of Roboski on the World Peace Day and walk to Ankara where he will also give a message of peace. Sevda is expected to reach Ankara in 40 days.