Talabani’s stick is not Moses’ stick to resolve crises in the country, says MP

ERBIL, Aug. 25 (AKnews) – An independent MP in the Iraqi Council of Representatives said Saturday that President Jalal Talabani’s stick is not a Moses stick to resolve the political crises in Iraq, noting that the national conference will not bring anything new.

Hassan al-Alawi said: “The national conference is unable to restructure the ruling political class which prevents the emergence of development that could lead to a national understanding. “The struggle for power began the moment the electoral results [were announced), although the government was formed according to the Erbil agreement, because the ruling party fears the other party that lost power, and the latter does not feel safe. I don’t feel that any of the parties seek to resolve the disputes except President Talabani.

“President Talabani must be neutral in his attitudes about state issues, while the other parties have demands and conditions and do not go to the national conference without demands. “It is not enough to wait for the return of President Talabani to convene the national conference and address the political crises in the country, since this is a kind of self-deception. Those know before anyone else, especially the Islamists, that Talabani’s stick is not a Moses stick that can resolve magically the crises in the country.”

The political blocs in the country are expected to hold the national conference to resolve their differences. But the conference, which is hoped to be held during the next two weeks, may not resolve all the disputes because Iraqiya threatens to boycott it if the State of Law Coalition does not comply with implementing the terms of the Erbil agreement or the eighteen items submitted by the leader of Sadrist Movement during his meeting in Erbil with the Kurdistan Region’s President Massoud Barzani.