Talabani partially disabled

Hemin Salih – BasNews (Erbil): 26-11-2013 – According a BasNews source based in Germany, the Iraqi president and head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Jalal Talabani, is partially disabled and cannot speak.

However, a PUK high official has said that Talabani’s health is improving, while his office has said that the president is soon to return to Kurdistan.Following a stroke in December, Talabani has been recovering in Berlin’s Charite hospital. Little information has surfaced regarding his health.

After doctors at Charite hospital were unable to further improve Talabani’s health, he was moved to a more specialist hospital in Berlin, RIA Clinic. Talabani has suffered a series of health problems in recent years. In August 2008 he underwent a successful heart surgery in the United States, and the year before that he was flown to neighboring Jordan to be treated for dehydration and exhaustion. Following his stroke in 2012, the president lost the ability to move half of his body, and his speaking ability was compromised. Following his transfer to Germany, he suffered memory loss and was unable to identify certain people.

A hospital staff member, who spoke under condition of anonymity, has confirmed that Talabani cannot move half of his body and cannot speak. The staff member also said that Talabani has been undergoing physiotherapy and that any staff member who enters Talabani’s hospital room is searched thoroughly. “Talabani’s current condition suggests that he will remain disabled,” added the source. However, a source from Talabani’s office in Suliaymania has rejected these reports and confirmed that Talabani is soon to return to Kurdistan.

Member of the PUK leadership group, Arif Rushdie told BasNews: “Talabani’s health is improving day after day, but I’m not aware of Talabani coming back or when will he be back.”Talabani is a key figure in the Kurdish national movement and political process. He is the founder of the PUK, and the Iraqi President since 2005. Last week Wikipedia published Talabani’s alleged death date as Oct. 26 2013. After causing controversy, they removed it. http://www.basnews.net/en/News/Details/Talabani-partially-disabled-/6621