Syrian Kurds won’t fire at Turkey: Salih Muslim

2.2.2014 – Kurdpress – The co-leader of Syria pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) Salih Muslim assured Ankara officials that the Syria Kurds and their autonomy are not threats to Turkey and no Kurd will fire a bullet at Turkey.

Speaking to Sterk TV, Muslim said Syria Kurds have established three autonomous administrations in northern Syria and we believe the situation can help the country. “The administration is no threat to Turkey. No bullet has been fired towards Turkey (from Syria Kurdish regions) and it would never happen. The presense of the Kurds would boost security of the borders. While extremist and jihadist groups have made thousands of problems to Turkey, Kurdish regions have not troubled the country,” Muslim said, reiterating they have told Ankara officials that there is no animosity between them.  The remarks come at a time that Asyieh Abdullah a PYD leading figure, is in Ankara to attend in a Kurdish conference.