Turkish FM’s visit divides Syrian Kurds again

ERBIL, Aug.3 (AKnews)- Half of the members of a high committee of Syrian Kurdish politicians were not invited to Erbil meeting on July 1, therefore, they will suspend meetings with the other members of the committee.

Two days ago Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu met with Kurdistan’s President Massoud Barzani in Erbil. Allegedly the Turkish official also met with Abdul-Basit Sayda, head of the Syrian National Council (SNC) and members of a high committee of Syrian Kurds. The co-leader of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Saleh Muslim, told ANF (Firat News Agency) that only five members of the high committee were invited to the meeting.

Muslim said “they have held such a meeting without informing us…. [Therefore,] we suspend our joint works until the [reason for the] event is revealed.” The committee was formed on July 24, following a union agreement made by People’s Council of Western Kurdistan (PCWK) and Kurdish National Council of Syria (KNCS) on July 9 in Erbil under Barzani’s supervision. Muslim demanded that the content of Erbil meetings be revealed.

“Everything needs to be transparent. If there is a meeting, it should be [held], under the agreement between us, by the decision of both sides… But without consulting us, the other five members of the committee participated in the meeting.

“Who organized this meeting and who initiated it; we want these to be revealed.”

Muslim continued despite its recent position, the PYD will “defend the high Kurdish committee to the end and protect it in all ways.

“But it should be on a straight and solid base…

Aldar Khalil, a PCWK member at the high committee told DIHA news agency that they have met with the five members of the Kurdish committee who participated in Erbil’s meeting. Khalil said “we told them that this meeting was against the Erbil agreement and they also admitted they made mistake…but they did not tell us at all a convincing account of the reason and content of the meeting.”

He continued from now on the PCWK will not participate in the meetings in the Kurdistan Region. After the meeting between Barzani and Turkish FM a joint statement was issued, saying both parties have promised cooperation in the face of “terrorist or extremist” groups in Syria. Turkish FM’s visited Erbil after Kurds in Syria took over the control of some mainly Kurdish areas.  Turkey stressed it will not allow for any “terrorist” party, i.e., Turkish dissident group, Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and its ally PYD to control any parts of Syria.  Barzani’s announcement about training Syrian Kurds in Kurdistan also pushed Turkey send the delegation for talks to Erbil.