Syrian Kurds Cannot Agree Yet After Tensions

Welati reports there is still no agreement between the Kurdish National Council and the People’s Council of West-Kurdistan over the incidents that recently happened in Hassakah province on the 27 June. The KNC wants the release of all ‘activists’ (some of them are members of armed militias). Abdulsalam Ahmad from the PCWK says the Asayish just arrested 50 people and they are under investigation.

He says they have intelligence there is a network of groups that deal with the ‘enemies of the Kurdish people in order to great the ground to hit the Kurdish areas’. So far, the Asayish says they released 37 people. A member of the PYD claimed that the recent incidents in Efrin, Amude and other places are a plot allegedly linked to Turkey/Turkish intelligence in order to weaken the Supreme Kurdish Council that wants to participate in the Geneva II conference. In the meanwhile, the KNC met with the Syrian National Coalition whose new head has some ties with Kurds and Hamid Darwish visited Qatar.

Posted  by Wladimir van Wilgenburg / Transnational Middle East Observer