Syrian Interim Government to Be Based Temporarily In Gaziantep

17-11-2013 – The interim government headed by Ahmad Tohme will be “temporarily stationed “in Gaziantep, Turkey near the Syrian border until it moves completely into Syria. 

In its next meeting, the General Assembly of the Syrian National Coalition is going to elect three candidates to fill three additional portfolios; “Health, Education, and Ministry of the Interior.” Ahmad Tomah, the head of the interim government, stated earlier that the initial work of the government is based on three key points: “human rights, security and construction.” Tomah added that “achieving civil peace, and ensuring that the needs of Syrian citizens are met, are the foremost tasks of the interim government.” Tomah stressed that “economic, social, and food security, as well as addressing the people’s psychological needs, are the interim government’s top priorities. He also stressed that his government will work on overcoming “the obstacles standing in the way of victory for the Syrian Revolution.” Tomah added that “the role of the local councils will be activated and will be made the core foundation for the establishment of a culture of democracy.” Tomah pointed out that “the interim government developed security plans, in coordination with the Ministry of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff, to achieve security and impose order inside the cities.” Furthermore, he stated that “the Ministry of Justice will work to achieve justice and restore rights to citizens through the creation of a suitable environment for an independent, transparent and impartiality judiciary.” The Prime Minister confirmed that the Ministry of Education will shape educational policy and oversee the operational plans for providing education to all Syrians, according to scientific educational curricula that meets the needs of the community in the construction of its cadres.” As for health, the Prime Minister promised the wounded to be “at the top of the list of concerns of the Ministry of Health by providing necessary medical and health care according to national priorities.”  (Source: Syrian Coalition)