5.10.2013 – Leaders of Fighting Brigades and Battalions Announce Their Support for the Coalition as a Civilian and Political Leadership and Sole Legitimate Representative of the Syrian People, al Jarba: Militarization is Not a Goal of the Syrian Revolution.  

Members of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army confirmed to the head of the Syrian National Coalition, Ahmed Aweinan Assi al Jarba, and their support for the National Coalition as a political driving force and the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people. This comes after lengthy meetings during which the President of the Coalition discussed with the leaders of the Military Council in the field developments on the five battle fronts in Syria. The military leaders who met the President of the Coalition are some of the most important leaders of brigades and battalions fighting against Bashar al Assad’s forces, which have liberated many cities since the beginning of the outbreak of the Syrian revolution. Jarba considered the military phase of the revolution, “something forced by the regime and not what the Syrian people wanted,” adding that “its goal is defending civilians, protecting public property and national wealth, striving to build a democratic society with a civilian political leadership.” The head of a Coalition also discussed with military commanders their future military plans for the liberation of the rest of the Syrian cities, in addition to the financial support necessary to arm the Free Syrian Army to make it a force capable of tighter control and able to eliminate the Assad forces and the terrorist Hizbullah militia and who are seeking, under Iranian leadership, to kill the Syrians. At the meeting, the combat battalion leaders reiterated their full commitment to the principles of the Syrian revolution which aimed to achieve freedom and justice. In the end it was noted that “the military phase that the revolution is currently in is a short phase that will end with the fall of Assad and the handing over power to a civilian political leadership that is able to meet the aspirations of the Syrian people.” (Source : Coalition)