Syrian Coalition Calls Russia to Stop Spreading Lies about Syrian Revolution

1-11-2013 – SYRIAN COALITION – The Syrian Coalition warned the international community to refrain from falling into the trap the Russians are seeking to fabricate in what the Coalition describes as false news about the “use of chemical weapons against the Kurdish-majority town of Ras al-Ain near the Turkish borders by one of the militant groups in Syria.”

The Syrian Coalition also demanded that the Russian Foreign Ministry stop spreading rumors and fabricating lies and allegations against the Syrian revolution. The Coalition says the Foreign Ministry’s statement today is a desperate effort to use the painful history of what our Kurdish brethren have gone through in general, particularly the Syrian people among them, to further their own agenda.

The Syrian Coalition added that the Syrian people are waiting for Russia, as a sponsor of peace, to condemn the use of chemical weapons in both Eastern Ghouta and Western Ghouta by the regime that claimed the lives of more than 1400 civilians.  Besides this, the Syrian Coalition called on the Russian leadership to be committed to neutrality toward the Syrian file in case they are unwilling to recognize the Syrian’s aspirations and demands for which they protested two years and half ago. (Source: Syrian Coalition) 1.11. 2013