Syria opposition coalition should not go to Geneva II: resigned Kurdish coalition member tells Kurdpress

One of the 44 resigned members of the Syria main opposition coalition believes the opposition body should not attend in the Geneva II conference, set for January 22.Speaking with Kurdpress in an exclusive interview, Muhammad Malla Rashid, is a Kurdish member of the coalition and one of the 44 members who resigned from the body in protest to the re-election of the body’s leader Ahmad Asi al- Jarba.

“Despite crimes, the fate of Syria President Bashar al- Assad has not been decided ahead of the conference and the presence of the coalition in Geneva II is fruitless,” he said, lashing out at the coalition leading officials for unilateral decisions and not consulting other members.

He further denied the resigned members left the coalition under the influence of a special country, but confirmed no group, line or leader is successful without winning a state’s support.

He also doubted 5 Kurdish members of the body can achieve any goals since “the fate of Assad regime has remained undecided.” 

Mulla Rashid added the 44 members are not divided and they continue their meetings, noting that they have been repeatedly asked to change mind and rejoin the coalition.