Syria Kurds will seize control of Qamishlo: website

Qamishlo – Kurdpress / MESOP – 18.3.2013 – The Lebanon- based website of al- Akhbar said in a report that Syria government forces are quitting the northern Kurdish city of Qamishlo and leaving the city to Kurdish forces.

The daily claimed Syria government has probably planned to quit the city in March and the Kurds are therefore preparing themselves to seize the control of the biggest Kurdish city of the country. The People’s Defense Units (YPG), military forces of Democratic Union Party (PYD), are preparing themselves to control the city and would not allow Syria opposition forces (free Syrian Army-FSA-) control Qamishlo, the website said, stressing that the fate of the other Kurdish city of Hassaka is quite vague.

There are, however, reports of possible clashes between FSA forces as the Kurds are achieving their ends in Syria and FSA and its regional support, Turkey, are getting weaker.