Syria Kurds need unity against FSA: official tells Kurdpress

12.6.2013 – The chief of Syria Kurds National Council (KNC) said the Syrian Kurds need to be united against the attacks of anti-government Free Syrian Army (FSA) forces on the northern Kurdish city of Efrin.

Talking to Kurdpress, KNC Leading Council Chief, Faisal Yusuf said, FSA forces have created serious security problems around Efrin and put the security of some villages in danger.

“They (FSA forces) have clashed with People Defense Units (YPG) in some villages,” Yusuf told Kurdpress, denouncing the attacks. He further asked Human Rights centers to take on steps against possible political and human crisis in the Syrian Kurdish region. Yusuf whose party is known as enjoying the support of Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, denied serious problem with Democratic Union Party (PYD), affiliated with Kurdistan Workers’ Party. Answering a question whether they have been in contact with FSA officials, including Maj. General Salim Edris over the attacks, Yusuf said there is unfortunately no FSA united organization and none of its commanders feel responsibility towards the army’s moves.