Syria Kurds local parliament plan not at the agenda for now: officials tell Kurdpress


11.7.2013 – Syria Kurdish officials denied the local parliament plan will be set into motion for now in the Kurdish regions of the country.“What is important for us now is the continuation of Erbil talks. The local autonomous parliament report is not serious at the time and I don’t want to share any views in this regard,” Democratic Union Party (PYD) Foreign Relations Chief Zohat Kobani told Kurdpress in a European capital.

Also speaking to Kurdpress in a phone call, Democratic Movement official Naser Haji Mansour said the local parliament report has not been within an official framework, but all our plans and offers for controlling Syria Kurdish regions stress on the participation of all lines and parties in controlling the Kurdish regions. PYD and al-Party, another main Syria Kurdish party, are seriously at loggerhead after the military forces of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)-affiliated PYD killed 10 Kurds in Kobani and Amuda and arrested a number of al-Party members. PYD says the Kurdish regions of the country should be under its military forces’ control and al-Party is not accepting the idea.

The local parliament plan has been offered by the PKK and its details are due to be prepared in three months.