Syria Kurds are legitimate to have autonomy: Interview Salih Muslim

23-11-2013 – Kurdpress – The Kurds in Syria are controlling their regions for more than a year and that’s their very right to have autonomy, the co-leader of pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) Salih Muslim said.

Speaking with Birgun daily, Muslim Said Turkey and Iraq denial reactions to the autonomy will not affect our decision to rule the Kurdish regions. “We have an 82-member parliament which would elect a 19-member council to control three autonomous regions of Cazira, Efrin and Kobani,” Muslim added. “That’s for more than a year that we are running our own region and see it as our own very right.”

Lashing out at criticism against the Kurdish authority, the PYD leader said the Islamic groups have established autonomic regions in Aleppo and no one is blaming them but “I wonder why all are worried about the Kurds.” He further denied the impact of Iraqi Kurdistan Region president Massoud Barzani’s remarks on development in Syria Kurdish regions and stated PYD doesnot ban any party and has never closed its doors to the other lines in the region. The rights and demands of the Kurds need to be guaranteed if Kurds National Council, main body of Syria Kurds, were not invited to Geneva II meeting.