Syria Kurdish delegation goes to Geneva

11-2-2014 – Kurdpress – A delegation of five Syrian Kurds from the Patriotic Union headed to Geneva, Swiss to attend in the next round of the conference that is due to fine a solution for the country’s civil war.

The is no change in the Kurdish delegation and the official are those who participated in the first round of Geneva II talks, Ali Shamdin a member of Leading Democratic Party told Kurdpress reporter in Sulyaimanyia, adding that the Kurdish delegation has convinced Syria National Council, main body of the Syrian opposition in the conference to allow Kurd to take with themselves a number of Kurdish reporters And media activists. A member of the Kurdish delegation told Kurdpress from Germany that two Kurdish officials of the delegation have already arrived in Geneva and the three others will go to the city tonight, adding that there is no clear picture about the future of the negotiations between Syria government and the opposition that stresses on establishing a transitional government.