Following a previous detailed report by Human Rights Watch about the use of cluster bombs in Syria a new research reports about the use of fragmentation bombs against children.

The international political left in favour of “Reformer Al Assad” keeps silent.

Syrian Revolution News Round- up / Day 622 : Regime cluster bombs kill 10 children near Damascus. – Remnants of fragmentation bomblets recovered after October 16 regime airstrike on East Ghouta district. Regime warplane fired cluster bombs on the provincial town of Deir Assafir in the East Ghouta district of Damascus province, killing at least 10 children and injuring 15 others in addition to two women.

Meanwhile, some 12 refugees from the besieged town of Daraya were announced dead after been detained by regime force last Thursday. Regime forces executed eight more civilians in the provincial towns of Qatana and Sahnaya and killed ten rebel fighters as they clashed with them near the towns of Daraya, Harasta and Nashabiya thus bringing the total death toll in Damascus and its suburbs to 52 people.  

Regime forces also killed 16 people in Daraa, six of whom were killed when an armoured vehicle opened its fire indiscriminately on a bus near the city of Daraa while two children were killed due to the indiscriminate shelling that targeted the provincial town of Msefreh. They killed 15 people in Aleppo and its suburbs, nine of whom were killed by the snipers deployed all around the city. Meanwhile, 14 people were killed in Deir Azzour due to the violent shelling and fighting in the neighbourhoods of al-Jubaila, Hamidiya and Joura. Some eight rebel fighters died during clashes with regime forces in the suburbs of Idlib while six others were killed in Homs, of which three died due to the indiscriminate shelling in the provincial town of Qusayr. Regime forces also killed six people in Hama in addition to five rebel fighters in Qunaitera. Regime forces continued their attacks on opposition areas across the country, shelling as many as 251 different areas mainly in Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and Idlib. They fired mortar shells on more than 79 areas while their heavy artillery pounded more than 129 others. Meanwhile, 43 areas came under rocket shelling and four more were bombarded by barrel bombs. Some 14 more areas were shelled by fighter jets thus causing extensive damage to residential buildings and leaving scores of people dead and injured. Today’s death toll reached 122, including 19 children and two women as well as 32 rebel fighters. At least 50 people were also injured. Heavy fighting continued in Damascus and its suburbs as the rebels continued to push forward in the East Ghouta district taking control of Syria’s second largest anti-aircraft base and acquiring eleven ZSU-23-4 “Shilka” self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. They also stormed a training camp of pro-regime Palestinian Popular Front-General Command headed by Assad’s staunch Palestinian ally Ahmad Gabriel. The ensuing battle left dozens of casualties on both sides while 31 detainees were set free by the rebels. The rebels also destroyed five military tanks during violet clashes with regime forces near the Damascus suburbs of Daraya, Erbin and Zamalka as well as in the Idlib suburb of Nerab and the village of Zayara in the western Hama suburb. The rebels attacked a border police squad near the border with Jordan after heavy fighting that left five soldiers including a senior officer dead. In the north, the rebels seized control of Tishrin Dam and its surrounding area after several days of heavy fighting that left dozens of soldiers and rebels dead.