Syria Daily: Growing Campaign v. Islamic State of Iraq – Updated !

By Scott Lucas – eaworldview – 5.1.2014 – UpdatedThe state of the conflict between the Islamic State of Iraq and insurgent factions, which flared into widespread fighting and arrests on Friday, is confused this morning.There are unconfirmed claims that the ISI killed 30 people in one incident or that the group had been forced out of several towns in northern Syria. Another doubtful assertion was that the Islamic Front, the largest insurgent bloc, had given ISI 48 hours to leave Syria entirely. – What we do know:

1. The Islamic Front has issued a statement calling on ISI to leave Atareb, the town in Aleppo Province where it launched attacks on insurgents on Thursday night, to return confiscated property, and to observe Islamic law and the courts of the insurgency.

2. Hassan Aboud, leader of Ahrar al-Sham — one of the seven factions in the Islamic Front — has reinforced that statement, while saying that ISI will be part of the revolution if it agrees to “work hand in glove with the other militias”.

3. ISI has warned that its fighters may leave the sections of Aleppo city that it occupies, effectively allowing regime forces to move in.

Watch VIDEO: A protest on Friday in the Saleheddin section of Aleppo against ISIS