Syria Daily: Bombs Throughout Country Despite UN Call for Cease-Fire

By Scott Lucas February 29, 2014Five days after the United Nations Security Council unanimously called for an end to violence and aid to besieged areas, bombs fell throughout Syria on Thursday.

Video testified to regime airstrikes on Yabroud in Damascus Province, as the Syrian military pursued a three-week offensive around the city. At least two barrel bombs hit Darayya southwest of Damascus, bringing the total to 284 since the start of the year. And attacks caused casualties near Aleppo in Masaken Hanano.

State media claimed that five civilians were killed and 13 injured by an insurgent rocket in he Ikrema neighborhood of Homs. A child was killed in an explosion in the al-Qasa’a area of Damascus.

The Local Coordination Committees said 70 people were killed on Thursday, including 25 in Aleppo Province, 20 in Idlib Province, 18 in Damascus and its suburbs. –