Syria Daily: Assad Regime Talks at Geneva II, Bombs Back Home


By Scott Lucas January 26, 2014 08:32 Updated – LATEST: Video — Residents Return to Homes in Damascus Suburb of Barzeh After Local Cease-Fire

The headline on Syria this morning is of an initial, small agreement in the Geneva II talks between the Assad regime and the opposition, raising the possibility of aid to civilians in Homs. Meanwhile, the story which is not being covered is another spike in the Syrian military’s bombing campaign.

The Damascus suburb of Darayya was particularly hard-hit on Sunday, with at least another 10 bombs falling on the town amid protracted fighting between regime forces and insurgents for control of the area. President Assad’s warplanes have also dropped dozens of explosives in and near Aleppo, Damascus, and other parts of the country.

Aftermath of an attack on Darayya this weekend:

The Local Coordination Committees claim 66 people were killed on Saturday, including seven women and 13 children. OF the deaths, 29 were in Aleppo Province and 18 in Damascus and its suburbs.

In Geneva, United Nations envoy Lakhdar Brahimi will continue his shuttle discussions between the Assad and opposition delegations, focusing today on detainees and the kidnapped.

The two sides sat in the same room for the first time on Saturday morning, but only spoke through Brahimi and not to each other. The heads of the delegations, Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem and Syrian National Coalition head Ahmed Jarba, did not attend.

Video: Residents Return to Homes in Damascus Suburb of Barzeh After Local Cease-Fire

The regime claims that the agreements in Damascus suburbs are bringing stability after months of fighting. Opposition activists assert that residents are being forced to agree terms amid the threat of starvation and that assistance is still restricted — Qusai Zakarya in Moadamiya:

The Assad regime is trying to turn people against one another, using food as a weapon of war and as a weapon to divide us. The regime has allowed the delivery of only three shipments of food containing just one meal per person since we agreed to the truce and raised the regime flag.

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