Suspect in Paris killings visited Turkey 10 times last year

ZAMAN online (24/1/2013) – Ömer Güney, who stands accused of the killing of three Kurdish militants linked to the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), reportedly visited Turkey 10 times in the past year. His last visit was in Aug. 22 last year, when he travelled to Ankara to for eight days. The National Intelligence Organization (MİT) and police are investigating his meetings and activities from when he stayed in Ankara.

Paris Public Prosecutor François Molins announced Monday night that Güney, born in 1982 in Şarkışla, Sivas, is the prime suspect in the deaths of PKK militants Sakine Cansız, Leyla Söylemez and Fidan Doğan, who were killed in execution-style murders in a PKK-affiliated office in the French capital on Jan. 9. Güney, the prosecutor said, worked for Cansız as a driver and assistant. He also noted that the prosecution has not yet concluded whether the man acted alone, adding that the investigation is focusing on others with whom he may have collaborated. Güney’s last visit coincided with the leak of news of peace talks that had earlier been held between members of the PKK and the Turkish intelligence officials in Oslo. He arrived in İstanbul’s Atatürk airport on Aug. 22 from Paris and continued to Ankara on the same day. Unlike most other PKK members, he didn’t use a fake passport and entered into Turkey with his real name and passport. While he was in Ankara, Güney exchanged his passport for a biometric one on Aug. 24. According to sources, he did not visit with his relatives during his stay in Ankara. Police and intelligence officials are investigating his meetings in Ankara. Police are also examining security camera footage of places he may have gone. 

Güney has no criminal record in Turkey