An open letter to Kurdistan President and PM: We will not be silent on Simon’s case

February 22, 2013 – ERBIL.   In the letter, which is signed by many world personalities and women’s NGOs, it’s written that “Women’s NGOs are a part of this case; we will not be silent on torturing and punishing this girl”. The letter is directed to the Kurdistan Regional Presidency, parliament, government and High Council of Justice; the women demand the government to find a safe haven outside the region for Simon Dowud and her family if they can’t secure her life here.

The women also demand a legal observation of the case, If the government cannot take the responsibility of securing Simon’s life, She should be sent to a shelter or send Simon and her family to somewhere outside the region.

An open letter to: President of Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq

Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq  – 18 February 2013

Subject: Requests from human rights activists and organizations concerning need for protection of Simon Dawud Ismail and for arrest, investigation, and prosecution of Hassan Nasrollah

Having received the news that Simon Dowud and Hassan Nasrollah have been found and are now in custody under KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, we, the undersigned, are extremely concerned about guaranteeing the safety of Simon and making sure that Hassan investigated, and tried in a just manner for crimes he allegedly has committed. Therefore, we are presenting our demands and suggestions below in order to make sure that this case is solved without religious and tribalist interference:

Firstly: We demand the involvement of the Women’s Commission and the Human Rights Commission within the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Parliament, not the Religious Affairs Committee of the Kurdistan Regional Government. We are urging that this case be dealt with outside of religious approaches.

Secondly: Protecting the life of Simon Dawud and ensuring the safety in custody of Hassan Nasrollah are the responsibility of the Kurdistan Regional Government. Therefore, we request that the KRG provide all legal advice necessary for solving this case. No religious or political bargaining should be permitted in addressing this case.

Thirdly: We request that immediate visits be made to the religious and spiritual leaders of the Yazidis and to Simon’s family in Sheikhka as well to religious, tribal, and political leaders of Kalakchi so that those persons and communities with the most direct interest in Simon’s and Hassan’s welfare are made aware that women’s organisations are involved and that absolutely no harm to Simon or to Hassan will be tolerated.

Fourthly: We request that social workers, psychologists, officials of the court system, and local and international nongovernmental organizations be assigned to this case in order to step in and provide professional help and advice and to monitor the well-being of Simon and Hassan.

Fifthly: We request that Simon’s family and community be offered help and support so that they do not regard Simon’s case as a matter of shame on their honour or their community’s honour.

Sixth: We request that the Kurdistan Regional Government assist immediately in transferring Simon and her immediate relatives (mother, father, sister, and brother) out of Iraq to a safe country where their well-being and security can be guaranteed, if this is the family’s wish.

Seventh: We demand that this case be treated in a neutral manner and that the under-age abduction (kidnapping) of Simon be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted through a fair and just trial for Hassan Nasrollah.

Sincerely, the undersigned:         

  Yanar Mohammed: President of Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq- Bagdad

Lanja Abdulla: Head of Warvin Foundation for Women’s Issues-Kurdistan- Erbil

Houzan Mahmoud: International representative of the Organisations of Women’s Freedom in Iraq-UK

D. Choman Hardi: Writer and scholar- Germany

Avin Aziz: Journalist and Specialist in Gender- Sweden

Sakar Rostan: Warvin Foundation for Women’s Issues- Kurdistan Region

Suzan Shihab: Member of Parliament in Kurdistan

Kwestan Mohammed: member of Kurdistan Parliament and Member of women’s commission.

Narmin Othman: former Iraqi Minister for the Environment

Najiba Mahmoud: Journalist and women’s rights activist- Sweden

Khandan Jaza: Women’s rights activist- Norway

Khanim Rahim: Head of Asuda Organization – Sulaimania

Ivan Darraji: Writer and Artist- Iraq

Sara Mohammed: Chairwoman of the Never forget Pela and Fadime organisation- Sweden

Chlora Hardi: Women’s rights activist- Kurdistan Region

Nalia Ibrahim: Co-Chairperson of “Environment Friends” in Kurdistan- Sweden

European Women’s Lobby-UK

French coordination of the European Women’s Lobby- president Olga (A network of 80 NGO in France) –CLEF-France

League for the International Right of Women: President Annie Sugier (created by Simone de Beauvoir)-France

Lisa-Marie Taylor-Project Manager-Feminism in London Committee-UK

Roj Women’s-London-UK

Atta Mufti: Kurdish Exile Association-UK

Martha Jean Baker: Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom


Xavier Dias ,Editor: ADHIKAR NEWSPAPER , Jharkhand INDIA

Liah Ghazanfar Jawad: position Director of Foundation of Solidarity for Justice and Human Rightsn Activist: Afghanistna.

Doaa Abdelaal, Cairo- Egypt,

Stéphane Julien: Solidarité Irak- France.

Zryan Jamil: Journalist- Erbil

Talar Hirani: theater actress- Sweden

Shadan Abdul: Civil society activist- Kurdistan Region

Kamaran Muhammed: Journalist

Jasim Khafour: Artist- UK

Chiman Rashid: Writer- Kurdistan Region

Suzan Amin: Nina Center- Sweden

Hana Shwan: Journalist- Kurdistn region

Sara Umar: lawyer and writer- Denmark

Lazo Azad: Poet- Sweden

Nahid Mukri: Women’s rights activist- Sweden

Shokhan Faraj: Human rights activist- UK

Fariba Mohammedi: Journalist and Political Activist- Sulaimania

Shwan Khorshid: Journalist- Kirkuk

Rahman Kharib: Journalist- Kurdistan Region

Friends Kurdistan’s environment organization- Sweden

Rounak Shwani: Writer

Dham Simko: MA Student- France

Ariyan Omid Arif: Journalist- Norway

Trifa Amin: Microbiologist- Germany

Ibrahim Abbas: Journalist- Kurdistan Region

Rezan Salih: Theatre actress-Norway

Akram Nadir: Representative of Federation of Workers councils and unions in Iraq

Kajal Nori: Gender Activist- Netherlands

Anwar Rasha Abdulla: Writer, UK

Kirmanj Gundi: Professor at Tennessee State University- USA

Ranj Sangawi: Journalist- Kurdistan Region

Sherko Kirmanj: Researcher- Australia

Heyrsh Abdulrahman: Political Observer- USA

Saman Faraj: Student and Writer- Sheffield University- UK

Khalil Khawariyan: Civil activist- Eastern Part of Kurdistan

Avin Ibrahim Fatah: Writer and academic

Kholiya Hosein: Women’s rights activist and Poet- Canada

Hemin Hama Jaza: Poet and musician- Kurdistan Region

Foad Jalal Salam: Civil rights activist- UK

Shanga Rahim: Women’s Legal Assistance Organization- Kurdistan Region

Sahar Rasayee: Writer- Sweden

Khanda Hamid: Employee in Media Section

Shahla Yarhosein: Women’s rights activist

Aram Ali: Artist-Kurdistan Region

Arif Roushdi: Writer and Politician-Kurdistan

Karzan Jalal: IT specialist- Paris-France

Shorsh Palani University student- Winnipeg, Canada

San Saravan: Film Director- Nottingham, UK

Renas Arif: Artist and cartoonist- Netherlands

Sitara Arif: Journalist- Southern part of Kurdistan

Sara Qadir: Journalist and academic

Shankar Abdulla Ali: Writer and Journalist

Aso Jabar: Writer and Journalist, USA

Nawzad Hama Sharif: Kurdistan Environment Friends- Sweden

Tarza Tofiq: Political activist of Eastern Part of Kurdistan- Sulaimania

Mitra Aryan: Writer and activist of the Feminist Movement

Shamal Ako: Student- Sweden

Jihan Taha: Kurdistan

Shadi Nawzad: University student- Kurdistan

Hawar Qaradaghi: Musician-Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dara Ali: Poet- Vancouver, Canada

Suzan Tariq: Sidney Australia

Nala Abdulrahman: Writer and M.A student in International Law

Siyawash Modaressi: Multimedia Designer- UK

Suzan Mama: Poet- London

Aras Rashid: Political activist- Canada

Maryam Abdulrahman: Women’s rights activist- Canada

Foad Qaradaghi: Writer- Kurdistan

Twana Saadi Mahmoud: Worker

Viyan Majid Faraj: Writer- Kurdistan

Ala Latif: Journalist

Sabri Bahmani: Political activist- Kurdistan Region

Kaywan Hawrami: Journalist- Halabja, Kurdistan Region

Tanya Mohammed: Poet, Kurdistan region

Farman Khelani: Civil society activist: Belgium

Salam Abdulla: Member of Peace and Hope Committee

Jani Dilan: Journalist, USA

Akam Othman Halabjayee: Journalist, Kurdistan Region

Avan Jaf: Journalist, Kurdistan Region

Shwan Siddiq: Journalist, Kurdistan Region

Jiwan Rahim: Asuda Center

Hemin Mirani: PH.D Candidate, UK

Mokhtar Khandani: Journalist and civil society activist, Eastern part of Kurdistan

Arsalan Yarahmadi: Human aights activist

Jalila Shahnazi: Civil society activist, Erbil

Silvana Bayazidpour: Women’s rights activist and lawyer

Hiwa Barzinji: Journalist, Erbil

Goran Dukani: Journalist, USA

Dilshad Omer Kaki: Poet and Journalist- Germany

Rojin Sharifi: Political activist, Kurdistan

Dalia Mahmoud: Sweden

Hawar Tayeb: Kurdistan Region

Gaëlle Silva Marques:Bypass Editions-Sweeden

Álvaro Seiça Neves: Bypass Edition-Sweeden

Shadi Sadr: Justice for Iran-UK

Mariana Avelãs: ATTAC-Portugal

Azar Majedi: President of Organisation of Women’s Liberation-Iran

Nicola Stott: PhD Candidate, Centre for Women’s Studies, The University of York, UK.

Sawsan Zakzak: Researcher-Syria

Dina Wahba: Consultant- Women Living under Muslim Laws-Egypt

Gjyner Nebiu: Women’s Civic Initiative Antico-Macedonia

Zohre Asadpoor: Women’s rights activist-Iran

Mehmet Masum Süer: Photographer-Amed-Turky

Evelyne Accad: Academic-Lebanon

Anita Espander: Artist-Denmanrk

Jilah Bakhshayesh: Human rights activist-UK

Maria Hagberg: chairperson the Network Against Honor Related Violence

Hikma Ahmed: Women’s rights activist-Sudan

Maryam Namazie: One law for all Organisation-UK

Maria Almeida: Lisboa- Portugal

Maria Vlachou: Lisbon-Portugal

Fabienne Melmi: French citizen resident in Italy (L’aquila)

Françoise MORVAN: European Women’s Lobby

Jennifer Drew: Consultant to Scottish Women against Pornography-United Kingdom

Julian Norman, UK Legal Feminist Group

Lilian halls-french: co president of European Feminist Initiative. IFE-EFI

Boriana Johnson: IFE-EFI member-Jordan

Amanj Khalil: Journalist-Kurdistan

Enwer Hojebri: journalist-Kurdistan

Yadgar Fayaq: Journalist -Kurdistan Region.

saman hma gareb: Journalist – Kurdistan

Shamkhi Jabr : activist and journalist – Iraq

Mustafa Mohamed Hassan: Veterinarian and writer – Iraq

Nina Sankari: member of the Feminist for Another Europe network-Poland

Mustafa Alaidana: journalist- Iraq

Bassam Mohammed Gaood: a non-governmental employee – Iraq

Husam Muhammad Ali: media \writer and poet – Iraq

Saif Iraqi : media and civilians activist – Iraq

Tributary El Jubouri :Lawyer – Iraq

Aeub Lhone: filmmaker / UK

Kit Larsen Hughes: Teacher-Sweden

Javaria Naveed:

Rola Khayyat: Cairo, Egypt

Ahmed Zidan: Cairo, Egypt.

Mark Manning, blue collar worker, USA

Xulfi Mahesar: Karachi- Pakistan

Mohd Khan Ahmadani : Trade unionist Sindh

Zafar imam: Political activist/writter/Editor Sindh-Pakistan

Rashid Legari: sub editor Awami Awaz-Pakistan

Dr Ravi kumar: social activist , Hyderabad Sindh

Shadi Amin: Germany

Evan Siegel: USA

Nicolas Dessaux: archeologist, ICO & Solidarité Irak, France

Stéphane Julien: teacher, ICO & Solidarité Irak, France

Sophie Boiszeau: ICO activist, precarious worker in employment center, France.

Benjamin Caminade: ICO activist, railroad unionist, France

Jean-Yves Zoltar: ICO activist, electrical unionist, France

Arland Mehmetaj: ICO activist, unemployed, France.

Fabienne Melmi, Italy

Boudjemaa Sedira, artist- France.

Dr Shabir Sheikh .Hyderabad sindh-Pakistan

Dr ghazi Usman: Karachi social activist-Pakistan

Dr Eshwer Kumar: Consultant Psychiatrist /writter Hyderabad Sindh

Satyaparkash Gupta: Film Director/activist, Mumbai -India

Ali Taqui: Journalist /writter-Hyderabad Sindh-Pakistan

Ijaz shah: writer-Hyderabad Sindh-Pakistan

Dr Maleeha Memon: Political activist/social , Hyderabad Sindh-Pakistan

Dr Santosh Kumar: DUHS Karachi Sindh-Pakistan

Dr Mehbob Ali Khuwaja: Political activist Karachi-Pakistan

Dr Anand: Left Party Pakistan , Karachi-Pakistan

Akam Noaman Halabjaey: Journalist-Kurdistan

Estella Schmid: Peace in Kurdistan Campaign-UK

Mark Campbell: London-UK

Hans Branscheidt – MESOP – GERMANY

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